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When I was conducting investigation of online drugstores, I studied the website of CanadaPharmacyOnline to see whether it was worth my trust and if it would be safe to order from it. Let me share the results of my research with you.

I initially checked if this dealer was properly authorized. The site stated that the merchant was based in Canada and was approved by the pharmaceutical college of British Columbia. I also found the data that this seller had been operating since the year 2006. The dealer claims to provide new medicines which were not around several years ago.

The merchant offers medicines falling into various categories, i.e. the ones treating breathing problems, depression, hypertension, inflammation in tissues, eye sicknesses, cancer, female and male dysfunctions, etc.

The enterprise imports remedies from foreign countries, for instance, the UK, Turkey and India. Speaking of the prices for erectile dysfunction cures, such as Cialis, Staxyn, Levitra and Viagra, they are as follows. One pill of Viagra produced in Great Britain is worth one dollar and twenty cents. The price of Levitra pill is one dollar and thirty cents, while Staxyn costs twelve dollars, and one tablet of Cialis costs ninety cents.

I could see the verification of the association of Canadian pharmacies on the site of this dealer, but there was no sign of Food and Drug Administration authorization. As for the ways of payment, the dealer accepted payments by checks and money orders. I could not see the information about paying with credit cards, which would have been helpful. The good news is that this seller is responsible, because it allows purchase only if a patient shows a current recipe from the doctor.

The cost of delivery within America is ten dollars per package. It is possible to have goods delivered via regular US post, and this will take approximately two to three weeks, depending on the location of the customer. Speaking of international deliveries, their cost is twenty-five dollars per package, and remedies can be delivered to almost any country of the world. It will take about eighteen days to ship goods internationally. The site gives free telephone and fax numbers for the clients to reach customer care service and to have their questions answered. There is also an email address clients can write to. I should mention that packages cannot be sent back to the dealer if the client is dissatisfied with the medicine, and there is no refund policy.

Feedback on the Online Merchant


I started looking for external feedback on this medical dealer to find the clients’ unbiased opinions. I was able to find four comments about this merchant, and they were not recent. The earliest one was left in 2012, and the latest one was written in 2015.

The person who wrote the first review was happy with the product he had purchased, and praised the wrapping as well. The erectile dysfunction medicine he had bought was shipped on time and turned out to be of good quality.

The client who shared his opinion in July, 2014 claimed that he had been buying from this merchant for several years and was greatly satisfied with the service. He emphasized that client care representatives were helpful and provided excellent assistance.

Another lady claimed that she was a loyal client of this drugstore and always enjoyed the cost of remedies, shipping and reliable wrapping. She stated that buying her cures from this distributor was beneficial, because the prices were much lower than the ones in the United States. The lady was content with her brand medications, because they were produced at renowned Asian and Turkish plants. The blood tests she passed proved that the medicines were effective and regulated chemical elements in her body well.

The latest reviewer, as well as the previous one, gave the pharmacy a rate of five out of five and wrote that she was satisfied with the quality of products and shipment service.

Feedback Received in 2017

The last external comment I found about this dealer was left in 2016. The client was similarly happy with the medicines and timely delivery, but he was deeply dissatisfied with the importunate marketing actions of this firm. He was angry and claimed that the company representatives had a bad habit of calling him many times daily, and they also sent him plenty of illiterate advertising emails. That was annoying to the client, and he suggested not sharing your contact data with the company if you value your privacy. He stated that the employees of this dealer called him from various telephone numbers, that is why he did not know who was calling.

This review gives me a reason to think that this merchant can give out your contact details to strangers or some irrelevant companies. The client who shared this information gave the seller just one grade out of five, which is low. I completely understand his dissatisfaction, and I imagine nobody wants to be disturbed like that.

I researched the frequency of visits to this website and wanted to see whether it was fraudulent or not. Scam Advisor showed that many people opened the site, but it was considered doubtful, and a while ago it was threatening. I could not find the information about the owner of the website, but I did see that it was located in the US, and there was data about Canada as well.

Discounts the Dealer Offers

When I investigated the drugstore in search of discounts and price reductions, I found none of them. The dealer’s website contained the information about good prices and satisfied customers, but there were no actual bonuses or coupon codes. Thus, the advantages clients get from using this medical dealer are fast delivery and smooth process of order placement.


My overall impression about this website is positive, mainly due to favorable feedback from past clients and the fact that it is external feedback. The clients are satisfied with the dealer’s services and the prices are good too. Certainly, it would have been better to have some discounts or other saving options, even though the cost of medicines is already pleasant. There is one thing that holds me back from using this website – it is the possibility of having my contact data passed to third parties. I would not like for that to happen, that is why I will use this drugstore cautiously. The positive reviews I encountered are helpful, but I do think one should be attentive when using the service of this medical dealer.

The grade I give to this store is four out of five. I recommend using this merchant, because I like the feedback I found. I would like to order some male medicines from this seller to evaluate its service and see if it is as good as it claims to be. You are welcome to try using this website, and remember to be careful when doing it.

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