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I examined the site, which is the platform of the Internet drugstore from New Zealand. My research shows that this medical merchant has a long history and has been working for approximately forty years. I found that this drugstore was authorized by New Zealand pharmacological unions, and it also has referrals to social networks, such as Facebook, on its site. These factors prove that this medical dealer is trustworthy and not fraudulent.

I inspected the assortment of medicines the website offers and found that there were both general and labeled ones available. The producers of medications were licensed by Food and Drug administration, and it is a good sign. The majority of cures are manufactured in New Zealand and are delivered from there. Some labeled remedies are distributed from Great Britain and several general ones – from India. This data is shown in product description.

The merchant has a responsible approach to clients’ health, because it requires buyers to provide recipes from physicians before they can purchase labeled medicines. Another convenient option is the opportunity to contact the physician through the form on the website and have a prescription written. It is a great chance for clients who do not have recipes ready, and besides, they do not have to pay additional money for that.

I looked into erectile dysfunction medications specifically, and I discovered that there were labeled and general ones for sale. The most famous brand male health medicines were Viagra, Levitra and Cialis, and the cost of remedies was adequate. Four tablets of 100 mg Viagra produced by Pfizer could be bought for sixty-six dollars. At this online store you do not have to buy more pills than you need, and buying the package of just four pills is perfectly okay with the site. Four tablets of 10 mg Cialis produced by Lilly can be acquired for seventy-four dollars, and the price of the same amount of Bayer’s Levitra is equivalent.

Delivery is possible to most countries of the world, but at the moment shipping to some Asian countries, as well as Latin America, India and Pakistan is not performed. The orders costing more than one hundred dollars can be shipped for free. Less expensive ones are delivered for seven dollars via post with no possibility of tracking. If you would like to track your order, you will have to pay a little over fourteen dollars for package delivery. The site claims that packages are sent out in two to three days, and customers are notified about the box’s current location. The advantage of this site’s delivery system is that buyers can have their orders re-sent to them, if they fail to receive them in a month. I did not find any data about reimbursement policy of this merchant.

The methods of payment this dealer offers are convenient – purchasers can use the most common credit cards. Claims and questions can be sent to the site via the email form on a special page. If you have any inquiries, you can contact client care on the phone or fax them, and customer support crew will answer your questions. It is free to call the company from abroad as well.

Feedback on the Pharmacological Dealer

I checked a reliable client feedback website to see if there were any comments on this merchant, and I was glad to discover that there were opinions of authorized customers. It was inspiring to see that client feedback was genuine and not made up by the trader itself.

Let me share the feedback written in 2015. One of the buyers gave the site the highest rating, five out of five. He claimed that he liked the work of the merchant, the quality of goods and the speed of delivery.

Another person gave the dealer a medium grade, justifying her opinion by the extended delivery time. Other than that, the client was satisfied with the service.

There was also a buyer who wrote that client care service was professional and answered his questions well. This client gave the site a grade of four out of five.

Based on this feedback, I believe that it is safe to purchase from this merchant. The customers’ reviews are authentic and are left on a trustworthy external site.

Feedback on the Trader in 2017

It was a relief to discover that the work of the site was stable, and clients’ feedback was still positive in 2016. Sometimes it happens that pharmacological dealers cannot keep up the level of services, but this is not the case with this merchant.

In October, 2016 one client shared a positive opinion about the work of customer service. The client thought that the disadvantages of buying from this dealer were high prices on certain medicines and prolonged delivery from India. Thus, he gave the site a grade of four out of five.

Feedback from the following purchaser was also positive, because his order went through smoothly. Still, it was delivered only in three months, which is too long, and the customer thought that the goods could be less expensive.

I wanted to make sure that this site was safe to use, that is why I checked it with Scam Advisor. Sadly, it was listed as fraudulent on this resource, and it had an eighty-five percent level of trust. Simultaneously, Scam Advisor identified positive feedback about this merchant and its high rating on another evaluating site.

Coupon Codes Provided by the Merchant

Inspecting the site, I did not find coupon codes on it, but I could see that there were cost reduction codes on the firm’s page in social media, which were also helpful. Free delivery for the items costing more than one hundred dollars can also be considered a benefit.


My impression about this dealer is favorable, and I would like to purchase from this site. I was glad to find positive feedback about the merchant’s work on independent websites, and reviews showed that the service was consistent. It has been working well until the most recent time.

Some of the disadvantages I observed based on reviews were long time of delivery and high costs. It is good that customers still got their packages. I am not aware if the site actually re-sent any of the orders to clients who did not get them, because no reviews contained such information. A couple of buyers were dissatisfied with high prices for products and claimed that other resources had lower prices.

I recommend using this merchant’s site, and I give it a grade of five out of five. I will check the work of the dealer by ordering from it myself. The site looks trustworthy to me, even though there are some negative comments in reviews. I believe that higher prices are not a big issue if the quality is extraordinary, so let us examine the dealer’s work together and see if the goods are qualitative.

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