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Here are the results of my study of Northdrugstore – the medical merchant located in Canada. This dealer belongs to the pharmacological association recognized in this country. The trader claims that it pursues the purpose of selling economical medicines and providing extraordinary client care. The work of the enterprise began in 2004 and it continues until today. A noteworthy feature of the firm is that it guarantees cheap cures to customers due to price-matching. This means that if you find that the remedy you need is cheaper on the competitor’s website, you can show this to customer service, and you will get this medicine at that lower price. Certainly, not many merchants give their clients this opportunity, so I think it is valuable and worth trying out. review

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This drugstore sells both prescription and non-prescriptive medicines, as well as cures for pets. The remedies come from multiple storages located in India, Great Britain, Turkey and other places. The site does not clarify whether its cures are certified by Food and Drug Administration. I believe that the fact that the drugstore is accredited by the pharmaceutical association proves that the medicines are qualitative.

I did not encounter the enumeration of drug categories on the website, however, I did see the search button there. The site claims that it contains more than two thousand goods, and the best way to find them is typing in their names and searching for them.

The site’s policies are strict about prescribed medicines and demand that customers provide the instructions they get from their physicians. The distinction of this resource from other similar ones is that it does not provide an Internet prescription service. In other words, there is no team of doctors collaborating with the site who can help clients and prescribe medicines to them. For this reason, you definitely need to show your recipe before you can acquire the medication needed. The drugstore does have a helpful service – it can get your recipes from your physician for you, if you provide the site with your doctor’s contact details. The support crew of the website will gladly get prescriptions from your physician on your behalf.

I researched specifically erectile dysfunction medications and found out that this resource provided both labeled and general ones. There was a wide choice of cures treating male problems, thus I checked only labeled ones. I wanted to study their prices and to see how expensive they are compared to the ones sold at other drugstores. I discovered that eight pills of labeled Viagra were available for one hundred and nine dollars. The same quantity of 10 mg Cialis could be bought for one hundred and forty dollars. I can say that these prices are not low, but they are still adequate.

Speaking of free delivery options, I did not find them on the website. The price of shipment is stable – it is ten dollars for one order. It takes from one week to ten days for internal orders to be delivered, but if the package needs to be shipped abroad, it will take longer. The site suggests that the delivery fee already includes the cost of insurance. The drugstore guarantees package delivery to clients, that is why they should expect their orders to arrive within three weeks.

Customers can pay the store with credit cards. They can be sure that their personal information will be safe because the drugstore uses encrypted links. It is pleasant that there is money reimbursement available – buyers can send back the medicines they have not used and they will be completely refunded for them within a month. I did not find data regarding missing or broken packages and the ones partially filled, that is why it is best for purchasers to consult customer support in such cases. I believe such inquiries are handled individually. It is possible that the company can re-send cures to you if they are missing.

The contact data the firm provided were a postal address and two telephone numbers for Canada. I could also find the email address for customer care in West Indies, and a business development email address.

Feedback on the Medical Dealer

I investigated the external website to see if there were any reviews about the drugstore in focus. One person left feedback in spring 2014 and gave the site the grade of one. He was highly dissatisfied with the service of the pharmacy, because the dealer did not want to follow its price matching policy. The client wrote that he had shown the drugstore lower prices of other merchants and wanted to buy the drug at the competitor’s price. Unfortunately, the pharmacy did not pay attention to his request and violated its own guarantee. Of course, this serves as a disadvantage of the dealer.

I did not succeed in finding other feedback about this trader. It would have been helpful to evaluate the website’s shipment characteristics and the goods’ quality, but I will have to base my opinion about the merchant on a single negative comment. The customer described improper client service, and I believe it was dishonest of the firm not to keep its promise of price reduction.

Feedback of the Year 2016

I made an attempt to discover the users’ comments written in 2016, but I was unable to locate any. I was upset with this fact, because this website has a long history and there should have been more opinions about its work. Sadly, feedback was missing, and I turned to Scam Advisor to check out the dealer’s safety rating. This resource suggested that the drugstore had a security percentage of 59%. I was not satisfied with this number, because the pharmacy is the entity in charge of people’s health, and it is not acceptable that it is not completely safe to use.

Information on Coupon Codes

Likewise, I was unsuccessful in finding coupon codes or discounts on the site. There were no holiday propositions or any other pleasant bonuses for customers either. Usually websites try to have special offers or sales on the most popular holidays, but it was not the case with Northdrugstore.


My first impression about this pharmacy was a favorable one, however the disadvantages I discovered later made me give it a low grade. I was distressed by the fact that the site did not comply with its price matching guarantee. There was also only one review from the customer I was able to find, and there were no other internal or external reviews. This is strange for the company which has been around for more than a decade. Based on these circumstances I give the website a grade of two out of five. I do not believe you can give it a credit, and it may be dangerous to entrust it with your money. If I were you, I would think twice before ordering from this doubtful site with no proven reputation.

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  1. EDWARD says:

    the delivery was on time, the price corresponded to the one presented (the one on the site). Thank you so much!

  2. JAKE says:

    Thank you for the prompt, high-quality and competent service!

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