Overview of Pharmaexpressrx.com – the Drugstore Providing Irregular Service

In this review I would like to focus on Pharmaexpressrx.com. It is the platform selling pharmaceutical goods online, both prescription and non-prescription ones. The website claims to provide outstanding service and advertises its extraordinarily low prices.

According to my research, this online dealer is a mediator between physical drugstores and customers. It is located in Switzerland.

I encountered several labeled medications on the website, but most of the cures were general ones. The website lets customers know that its medicines are approved by Food and Drug Administration. The pharmacy works with the remedies, produced by the enterprises, which comply with Good Manufacturing Practice standards. The most famous companies this online drugstore collaborates with are Bayer, Aventis, Novartis, Dr. Reddy’s, Eli Lily, Merck, and others.

The medicines on the website do not represent many categories. The main products the pharmacy sells are the ones, improving male and female health, the ones helping to lose weight and to relieve pain. There are also cures preventing the loss of hair, the ones reducing inflammation, relaxing muscles and eliminating allergy. The majority of pharmaceutical products do not require the recipe from the doctor to be presented. Still, some medications require the customer to show the prescription before purchasing. The pharmacy does not take the responsibility for the dosages the client needs to take. Thus, it is necessary that customers agree the amount of pills they need to consume with their physician.

I have noticed that this online merchant markets its erectile dysfunction medications excessively. The prices for them are rather low, and they are not labeled ones. For example, twenty 100 mg tablets of Sildenafil can be bought for $47. It is also possible to buy twenty pills of Vardenafil, or Levitra, for almost $80. Male remedies at this online drugstore are made mostly in India.

It turned out that the delivery was not free, even though it was advertised otherwise. The trick is that free delivery is possible only for the purchases exceeding the amount of $250. Clients can receive their orders via registered postal delivery within three weeks. This type of delivery costs $18. Express delivery takes approximately two weeks and costs $25. Purchasers can pay with electronic checks and Visa credit cards. If they pay with an electronic check, they get a ten percent cost reduction.

If the order does not reach the customer, one can get a reimbursement. If the goods are delivered, but are broken or are not the ones ordered, refund is also guaranteed. The website provides email and postal addresses, as well as a telephone number as contact information.

Feedback on the Pharmacy

I was able to find different feedback about this resource, however most reviews were the ones from dissatisfied customers. I used an alternative site, and not the drugstore’s official one, to see more truthful reviews.

The client, who wrote a review in summer 2015, stated that the website was trustworthy. He also mentioned that customer support was very helpful, and gave the site the highest rating.

On the other hand, the customer who left feedback earlier wrote that there was something suspicious about the site. The website did not accept his working credit cards and tried getting his bank account data.

Another person gave this online drugstore a low grade, stating that he did not get the goods he had ordered. He got other ones instead. Sadly, the website did not reimburse for this inconvenience, nor did it resolve this issue in any way.

Up-to-date Reviews of 2016

More recent reviews, such as the one left in spring 2016, were more positive. A person wrote that he had been purchasing at this pharmacy for many years, and he was always happy with the service. He started using this website in 2009. The rating the client gave to the drugstore was four out of five.

I decided to check this online merchant with Scam Adviser to see how credible it was. The results contradicted the client’s feedback, because this site was given zero percent safety level. This shows that this online pharmacy is not reliable. After checking the drugstore with other sources, I found out that it was recorded as a scammer. That made me alarmed. It is interesting that the website has been in operation for more than thirteen years.

Coupon Codes at Pharmaexpressrx

I did not find any discounts offered to the customers of this pharmacy. I did see the opportunities of free delivery for the purchases costing more than $200. There were no other perquisites, to my disappointment.


I believe it is positive that this online dealer had feedback on the alternative resource, because this adds to its trustworthiness. Of course, not all of the comments from that site were the ones of happy customers. Based on this fact, I give this drugstore a rating of three out of five. Forming my opinion, I took into account zero trust rating from Scam Adviser.

I still suggest using this merchant to buy men’s health remedies because of the affordable prices. Although, please, do try to be careful, especially when you are providing your bank account details. I believe giving out this information to this website can be dangerous.

HealthWarehouse Overview – Trustworthy Drugstore Based in the US

I came across the website healthwarehouse.com when I was looking to purchase some remedies on the Internet. I hope that my experience of using this online pharmacy will help you decide whether you should use it or not.

HealthWarehouse is an online drugstore administered by the Government of the United States. It is located in Cincinnati metropolitan area. The website attracts many clients. The pharmaceutical goods this pharmacy trades are authorized by Food and Drug Administration. Thus, they can be officially sold in the United States. I believe, it is the primary advantage of this dealer.

The aim of running this enterprise is selling Rx drugs and providing high class service. I did some research to see if this merchant was able to save the customers’ trust and to keep up the level of services.

This pharmacy obtains multiple remedies from the pharmaceutical plants and markets them directly to clients. It allows buying medicines without the interference of mediators. For this reason the price of medications is almost three times lower than the one offered by competitors. It is also appealing that this drugstore provides clients with various discounts to make buying even easier.

Healthwarehouse is a verified Internet pharmacy, and many customers choose to buy general medicines from it. I have found out that this enterprise has worked with approximately 170 thousand original consumers. It also did its best to meet the clients’ needs and to solve any problems customers had. It is notable that the drugstore has won the award for excellence given by BizRate.

Speaking of the feedback about the company, the reviews are of different nature. There are some consumers who are extremely happy with the goods and shipment. There are also people who have complained of not receiving their orders and not getting money back.

The website provides a refilling system of orders. I was puzzled as to how it should be used, so I contacted their live chat support representative. Nobody was online at that moment. I was suggested to call the company’s telephone number. My phone call was answered instantly and I had all my queries answered.

I believe that the advantage of this service is that it delivers the orders solely to genuine addresses in the USA. The client gets a number for tracking his order. The cost of delivery is almost $12 for UPS shipment. It takes up to one week for the purchase to be delivered. The website states that the goods can be returned to the company within three months. This applies to non-recipe medications.

Feedback on HealthWarehouse

I wanted to look at the reviews from customers to see if they were satisfied with the website’s work. No matter how much I looked, I only found good feedback about this enterprise. I even thought that it was too good to be true. The pharmacy appeared to have a 99% trust rating. I ran into several negative reviews, however, I believe that the customers’ misfortunes happened due to their own inattentiveness.

In 2015, one of the clients wrote that she was amazed with the website’s service. She declared that her order had been shipped almost immediately. She was lucky to get her tablets very quickly, because she was running out of them. The lady also stated that she would advise this site to everyone.

Another user praised the client care service of the pharmacy. He reported that customer representatives were kind and ready to solve his issues. His medications were delivered one day prior to the set date. This customer had been buying from the drugstore for a long time, and if there were some mistakes in orders, they were corrected fast.

A different person shared his satisfaction with the pharmacy’s work as well. His prescription had always been filled perfectly. He also stated that the prices were affordable, and his physician’s instruction was processed promptly.

I also found more positive reviews about the site’s customer service, shipment and the medications themselves. Some clients mentioned that they constantly returned to this merchant.

Feedback on the Pharmacy in 2016

After seeing so much positive feedback, I was eager to find out if the website’s reputation was steady. I ran into other reviews from happy consumers, written in 2016. They claimed that it was the best drugstore they had ever bought from. One of the clients even stated that they were so kind as to transfer his prescription from a different seller, instead of asking for a new one.

The lady, satisfied with the pharmacy’s service, wrote that her physician had suggested using this drugstore. She was happy with the time of delivery and promised to return to the store again.

Another person accounted for his whole family and said that they were all satisfied with this dealer. He emphasized the appealing prices of remedies and prompt delivery.

It occurred to me, that the website must have introduced even better policies lately, because the number of happy clients was growing.

Coupon Codes at the Drugstore

I was intrigued to see whether this online warehouse had any pleasant discount offers. It turned out that there were cost reductions. At times all medications dropped twenty percent off, and several times a year free worldwide delivery was offered. I have been constantly monitoring pharmaceutical websites, and I can assure you that Healthwarehouse is one of the few dealers, presenting customers with regular discounts. For instance, I have noticed a ten percent discount on prescribed medications here. At the time of my research, the clients could get five and ten percent off if the cost of their purchase reached a certain level.


I have come up with the conclusion that this online dealer is a legitimate and trustworthy one. It has a good reputation and sells goods authorized by Food and Drug Administration. This drugstore is licensed in the United States. As you could see, the feedback from clients was mostly positive. It is also great that the prices are appealing, and there are excellent deals to save money, such as coupon codes. There were some negative comments about the shipment of medicines, but let us remember that no company is perfect. I am giving this online merchant a rate of five out of five. I strongly suggest using this resource, and I believe you will not regret doing it! It is a good idea to buy a single medication and a package of remedies from this seller.

Evaluation of Northwestpharmacy.com– Low Prices yet Belated Shipment

When I needed to find a substitute for my medicine, I turned to the website Northwestpharmacy.com. I checked this resource to see the assortment of products and the conditions of buying prior to ordering anything. Let us see which information I found.

The company operates from Canada. It provides prescribed remedies and the ones which can be sold to the customer directly. The drugstore is authorized by the International Pharmacy Association of Canada, and also the one of British Columbia. The website has the accreditation of Pharmacy Checker. This certifies that their medicines are approved by Food and Drug Association. The website sells medications produced in Europe, Asia, Canada and the USA. It is possible that the production facilities of labeled medicines are located outside Europe and the USA. A customer can order remedies from the United States once he has set up an account on this pharmaceutical website.

To purchase the Rx medications, a client needs to submit an up-to-date recipe from the doctor. He also has to fill out the forms before the order can be processed. Besides human medicines, the website offers cures for animals.

I specifically took a look at the drugs treating erectile dysfunction, and the prices for them are as follows. Four pills of prescribed 25 mg Viagra cost $33.5. Prescribed Cialis, containing 2.5 mg of the active substance, costs $32. This is the price of thirty tablets, including free delivery.

One can get ten pills of 10 mg Levitra, the prescription medication, for almost $66. Three containers of 5mcg Caverject cost almost $145.

It is significant to remember that you need to bring a recipe from your physician in order to acquire these Rx remedies.

Now let us examine the methods of payment customers can use. Clients can send in international money orders by regular mail. They can also pay with personal checks to the drugstore, sending them by email or fax, as well as via post.

International postal delivery is available for the cost of $10 per order. Mailing price does not depend on the quantity of drugs bought. Order processing takes approximately three business days, and delivery is conducted within one to three weeks after order placement. This seems to be quite a long time of shipment.

Speaking of the contact information, the vendor provides its email address and telephone numbers on the website. I did not see the option of live chat on the site, so I contacted customer support through email.

If the client is not happy after receiving the order, he can send it back within two weeks and get complete compensation. This is true for the unopened orders costing less than $500. If the purchaser opened the box, half of the item’s value will be reimbursed. The money will be added to the client’s account. Thus, sending in the items timely is significant for getting a refund.

The website’s prices seem to be within the limits of the government’s policy, which protects customers from excessively high prices.

Feedback on Northwestpharmacy

I have observed that this drugstore gathers client reviews through the Review Certificate and ShopperApproved rating. The number of verified users’ comments exceeds 220 thousands. It is the advantage of this site over the competitors.

The majority of customers were pleased with the dealer’s work. They tend to suggest using this drugstore to their acquaintances. Many users state that they would make further orders at this store, and are happy with the prices and quality of medications.

Some reviewers are still dissatisfied with the length of delivery and the work of company representatives. A buyer from the USA writes that one should use this merchant if the order is not urgent. He adds that the prices are lower than the ones at the US drugstore. Another user commented that the quality of tablets was good, but he wished he had received them sooner. This feedback was left in September, 2016.

There is also feedback on the alternative review site, called Trust Pilot. In 2015, the customers wrote that they were successful in using this website. One of the clients mentioned that he had been using the site for years. Understanding the rules of the store and complying with them is all it takes to succeed, according to him. Another customer was displeased with the dates of shipment. She claimed that the goods were delivered late, and that she was worried about her purchase.

Feedback in 2016

The customer, who left feedback in 2016, claimed that the firm had refused to return the money. Another client had a positive impression about their prices, however, wished for a faster delivery. He stated that he usually received his medications two weeks after placing the order.

All of the above shows that the site has a strong reputation and has been operating for a while. This pharmacy is officially accredited. There is enough feedback from customers, but its tone varies.

I decided to examine this website with the help of Scam Advisor. The results showed that the drugstore was worked from the United States and Canada, and that it had multiple visitors. Scam Advisor emphasized negative client feedback about the website and suggested paying attention to it.

The Store’s Coupon Codes

The discount available at this drugstore is free delivery for the orders, exceeding a particular price. Users can also get two, five or ten percent discounts if they share the information about the website in social media, such as Facebook, Google or Twitter.


Even though I was skeptical when I started my research on the website, I came to the conclusion that it was trustworthy. The site sells both prescription and no-recipe medications. When I was looking, general erectile dysfunction drugs were not in stock, unfortunately.

It is remarkable that a direction from one’s doctor is needed to obtain Rx medications. This fact takes the pharmacy to a high level of trust and genuineness. The team of pharmaceutical advisors of this company appears to be professional.

It was relieving to find external feedback on alternative websites, and not just on the pharmacy’s official resource. The nature of reviews varies. Most customers like the goods and their cost, and most of them also agree that mailing is very slow. I can conclude, that this drugstore is not suitable for the people who need their cures immediately. Based on this data, I give the pharmacy the rating of four, which is good. I believe that the quantity of the drugstores of this level should grow. This will raise customer satisfaction with healthcare services.

Overview of Totalcaremart.com – Online Pharmacy Trusted by Customers

My research shows that Totalcaremart.com is a mediator, selling cheap prescription medicines. It turns out that this website has the certification of Canadian International Pharmacy Association. This fact adds to the credibility of this resource. The online drugstore works from Canada, the city of Winnipeg. It was founded in 2001.

Overview of Totalcaremart.com

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The firm claims that its remedies are produced in different countries. They are made in Canada itself, as well as Singapore, Turkey, the UK, Mauritius, and even Australia and New Zealand. The seller provides general and labelled medications. It also offers medicines for dogs and cats. It is valuable that the drugs are authorized by Food and Drug Administration. This ensures their good quality.

This Internet dealer sells medications both prescribed by doctors and not required ones. The ones which are not prescribed can be bought without the physician’s directive. To buy the other ones, a client needs to show the corresponding prescription. The customer is fully responsible for the medications he buys, because the pharmacy does not give any medical advice.

The site does a good job of enumerating different prescription and non-prescription drugs for multiple sicknesses. This lets customers choose which medication to buy. The clients have an option of acquiring generic drugs instead of prescribed ones, if they want to save money.

Speaking of the medicines treating erectile dysfunction, there are both generic and brand ones in this online pharmacy. For instance, there is Viagra produced by Pfizer. Four tablets of this drug are available for $64. Four tablets of Cialis made by Lilly can be bought for $97. The customers can pay for their cures with the most popular credit cards.

The delivery service this website offers is not free of charge. If you want your medications to be delivered within Canada and the mainland part of the USA, you will have to pay $9.95. Shipping to more distant places will cost you $19.95. The geography of delivery is wide. Customers can receive their drugs in European countries, such as the UK, France, Italy, Romania and Spain. Medications can also be delivered to multiple countries of South America and Asia, including South-Eastern Asia.

I did not find any information about payment reimbursements on the website. The clients can contact customer support representatives to clarify this issue. Client care is accessible through live chat, email, and a free telephone number. When I was online, I did not get a reply from live chat support. If the clients would like to call internationally, there is a telephone number for such calls. The website states that their crew speaks Spanish, besides English.

Feedback on Totalcaremart

I came across many appreciative reviews of this online drugstore. They were available both on their official website and on the general website about Canadian pharmacies. Most of the customers praised the services and goods of this drugstore.

Some of the clients gave the store a rating of five stars out of five. They were satisfied with client support and prompt delivery service. The reviews dated back to the year 2015.

Feedback on the Online Pharmacy in 2016

I looked through the website representing national drugstores, and saw feedback from more than seven and a half thousand people. These users were verified and gave up-to-date reviews of the vendor in focus. Feedback was left at the end of 2016.

Overview of Totalcaremart.com

The clients were pleased with supportive client service of the website, as well as with their affordable prices and timely shipment.

Nevertheless, the results of checking this website with the help of LegitScript were different. This site gave Totalcaremart the definition of a “crook” online drugstore. Such analysis outcome was not explained, so I am not aware of why the pharmacy received this status.

The Pharmacy’s Coupon Codes

The drugstore asks the customers to put “likes” on Facebook social media. They claim that by doing so the clients will get access to discounts and special offers. This practice seemed new to me, because I have never noticed other pharmacies do that.


I got a positive impression about this website after reading the reviews. There was plenty of feedback about this pharmacy’s services on the Internet. Most of the customers were happy with well-timed delivery and extraordinary client service. The availability of external reviews, which could be found on another website, also made me trust this online drugstore.

Speaking of the prices, I found them reasonable. The cost of no-prescription remedies was particularly appealing.

The only thing that bothered me was the inspection result on LegitScript website. It made me wonder why the pharmacy was given a low rating and called untrustworthy.

However, this detail did not influence my overall good opinion about this seller. I believe that the impressions of customers are more important. For this reason, I give the website a rating of five out of five. I suggest using this vendor based on the feedback of many content users.

Examination of Safemeds4all.com – Cheap Offers Can Be Delusive

I decided to examine the online pharmacy Safemeds4all.com to see whether it was reasonable to buy medicines from this retailer. This online drugstore promised to make the clients happy because of affordable products. The site seemed to be a little messy to me. Capital letters were used improperly in the headings, and this fact made me doubt the trustworthiness of this website. I found that there were other mistakes in the further text, so I thought about the possibility of the site’s not being authentic.

The firm is situated in Canada, according to the information on the website. My own research located their IP in the state of California, though. I could see that the data had gone through the proxy server. This makes the legitimacy of this pharmacy questionable, I believe.

The medications offered by this drugstore are certified by US Food and Drug Administration. Browsing through the website, I encountered all sorts of medicines, from the ones treating cancer to the ones intensifying the loss of weight. The prices turned out to be unbelievably low. One can buy as many as 48 pills of generic Viagra for only $55, and one hundred pills of generic Levitra for just $96. The generosity of the pharmacy made me very suspicious.

Clients can receive the medications they ordered in any country, thus, the geography of delivery is wide. Free express mail is ready to deliver purchases to any location. The time of delivery ranges from one to two weeks. The website claims that customers can pay solely with Visa cards. Security software encodes the data provided by the clients.

This online pharmacy appears to have strong customer support. There is a form for the clients to submit their questions on the website. Customer care is also available through telephone and fax. It is too bad that clients cannot use live chat to have their queries resolved. I personally tried to reach the customer representatives over the phone, however, I did not get to speak to them live. I was only offered to leave a message.

The company provides refund for unsatisfactory service within a month. They even claim to reimburse the cost of return delivery.

Feedback on Safemeds4all

Checking out the feedback about this pharmacy will help us evaluate the quality of its work. The opinions of users I have found confirm the advantages of the firm. People, who used this drugstore, praise their client service. I tested it and got no reply, so I do not share this opinion.

The customer from the United States declares that he is happy with the client service and the affordable prices. Another lady points out the possibility of delivery tracking and the good quality of medicines. She claims to be a regular client of this pharmacy. There is also feedback from the gentleman, who has gotten his purchase within a week and thinks very highly of the service.

Feedback about the Pharmacy in 2017

I found out that the new clients were appreciative and had a positive opinion about the service too. I am still unconvinced in the trustworthiness of this website, though. The customers admire the service so much, that it is hard to believe that this information is true.

This drugstore’s website has the up-to-date reviews, left in 2016. The clients claim that the company delivers medicines to any locations in the world and does it for free. One customer emphasizes that this website has made his life worth living. This is a significant compliment, and I am not sure what his reasons were to say that. Another user writes that product shipment is extremely quick on this website. It is also possible to learn where the delivery currently is, according to him.

The official pharmacy website was the only source of feedback I was able to find. It puts me on guard, because such reviews could have been left by the website operators themselves. They could simply want to attract customers. It is my goal to find some reviews on alternative websites. I am only going to believe the feedback, which is not connected to this website directly. I think it is more fair and does not aim to increase selling.

Discount Coupon Codes for Safemeds4all

This pharmacy’s website gives many opportunities to save money. It provides various discounts in the form of coupon codes. For instance, one can get a five percent discount with the help of the coupon code on the main page. This price reduction does not appear to have any pitfalls. There is not much data about it on the website, so I am not completely sure of it.

The drugstore also provides a ten percent discount for the users purchasing medications repeatedly. There is still no more data available about this offer, aside from the advertisement.

Perhaps, you will be able to find out more about these opportunities, if you get in touch with client support representatives.


My overall opinion about this online pharmacy is not completely positive. It is hard to believe that their low prices are true, as they are different from the ones other dealers offer. My experience also shows that customer care of this drugstore does not react fast. The website claims to deliver medications to any destination around the world. Considering all these facts, I would give this online store a grade of three out of five. What keeps me doubtful is the lack of data about this company anywhere on the Internet. I was not able to find feedback about the site in other places. However, the limited information I did find outside the official website, confirmed the positive reviews.

Thus, I cannot suggest using this website. They seem legitimate and their costs are wonderful, however, I still need to clarify many issues before I can trust them.

ClearSkyPharmacy – A New Online Pharmacy

Attention readers: We recommend not buy from them due to unsafe payment options and parcel sizing by customs. Use 1-pharm.com with Visa/Mastercard check out options and guaranteed delivery. Also, we have a special 10% OFF coupon code for our readers: GF-2018


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This review will be helpful to you if you want to buy either generic or branded medications from the online drugstore. The online pharmacy I am going to examine today is called ClearSkyPharmacy.us. This company states that it was started in 2010 and has been around for six years. Nevertheless, I have checked this website with the services, warning about scam. They showed that the site was created a short time ago. Thus, it cannot be presently proficient in working with clients.
I have not been able to find the location of the firm on their website. Scam Advisor suggests that this enterprise is managed either from the United States or the Seychelles Islands. This online pharmacy sells numerous medications. They are the ones helping to lose weight, fight allergies, soothe pain, and the ones treating HIV, masculine dysfunction, loss of hair, etc. The site appears to be the place where one can buy anything one needs.
The medicines provided by this drugstore are approved by US Food and Drug Administration. The prices seem to be reasonable. They are different for various medications. For instance, one can obtain Cialis for 99 cents, and generic Sildenafil can be bought for 49 cents. Consumers can pay for medications by electronic checks, Bitcoin, Visa cards and bank transfers. Continue reading

AllDayChemist Review – A Trustworthy Marketplace

AllDayChemist.com – A Trustworthy Marketplace

I have been looking for an online drugstore which would be the most suitable for me. Upon reviewing several online pharmacies, I came across alldaychemist.com website. I decided to analyze this site in order to see, if I could trust it and whether I could find what I needed there. When I was checking out the homepage, a message from customer support popped up on the screen. I could easily live chat with the client support representative, in case I had inquiries about medications. So, prompt customer service is the advantage of this website.

AllDayChemist Review

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ViaBestBuys.com (formerly ViagraBestBuy.com) Review – Appealing Product Offers

Overview of ViagraBestBuy.com – Appealing Product Offers

ViaBestBuy Review

The online drugstore ViaBestBuy.com or ViagraBestBuy.com is located in the United States. There is no definite data about the time of its functioning. This pharmacy stores and sells generic medicines, which were produced in India by Sun Pharma Laboratories Ltd. Most people strive to find inexpensive medications. This is the reason why they choose generic and herbal ones. The medicines provided by this online drugstore are of the highest quality. The pharmacy also states that its medications have been approved by U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Delivery of these medicines is only possible within the United States.
This drugstore provides the following medications: Levitra, Cialis, Generic Viagra, various kinds of Priligy and some substitutes of these medicines.

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Let us look at the range of prices of this pharmacy. One can buy 30 pills of Generic Viagra of 200 mg potency for $69. 10 tablets of this medicine are available for $29. 30 pills containing 60 mg of Generic Cialis cost $69 as well. Generic Levitra of the same potency can be bought for $99.

Pills Price Per Pill
500 PILLS $399 $0,79
300 PILLS $249 $0,83
200 PILLS $179 $0,89
100 PILLS $99 $0,99
50 PILLS $79 $1,59
30 PILLS $69 $2,29
20 PILLS $49 $2,49
10 PILLS $29 $2,99

In case someone wants to buy these medications all together as a package, there is one costing from $99 to $599.

If you are wondering how you can pay the pharmacy, here is the answer – you can use your credit card and Bitcoin.

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Inhousepharmacy.vu Review – The Pharmacy Not Requiring the Doctor’s Recipe

Attention users: We recommend not buy from them due to repeating negative consumer reports. Use 1-pharm.com with the cheapest prices on Net. Also, we have a special 10% OFF coupon code for our readers: GF-2018


Inhousepharmacy.vu Review

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My newest study concerns the Internet drugstore named Inhousepharmacy.vu, which is situated in the Republic of Vanuatu in the Pacific Ocean. When I looked at the webpage of this resource, I did not find anything special on it. The design of the page was simple and contents aimed to explain the rules of using this drugstore’s service.

I found out that this seller started its operation in 1996, and has been supplying remedies since then. The medications the pharmacy works with are authorized by Food and Drug Administration, and this is good news, because it somewhat guarantees their quality. The wide assortment of remedies is impressive – the dealer trades literally anything, from birth control items to cures for transsexuals, and even anti-AIDS solutions can be found at this drugstore.

My area of interest was limited to male health medications, and I set out to look for them on this website. I was able to find thirteen erectile problem cures, and these were their prices: the general remedy using Sildenafil as a base was available for $1.4 per pill, while Levitra cost almost $26 per tablet. Thus, the prices I discovered were adequate, and besides, the merchant gave short ailment descriptions and their reasons on the website, which is helpful for patients, in my opinion. Knowing the drugs the sicknesses can be treated with is essential and does not let people get lost in a variety of medications.

Money transfers can be performed via Bitcoins, E-checks, Visa and American Express credit cards, and MasterCard in certain cases. The products are distributed within a day after medicines have been ordered. There is a special number on the package which lets the buyer know where the parcel currently is. Time of delivery ranges from one to four weeks and heavily depends on the country the drug is delivered to. Regular shipping is free for the majority of destinations, and paid for VIP delivery is available if the client chooses it. I should mention that the enterprise does not cover customs charges, and purchasers have to do it themselves.   Continue reading