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If you are living too far from Canada, it is possible to offer drugs from any other corner of the world. So, if you are living too far, parcel will come to your local post office. There two possible ways of delivering: airmail and ems courier delivery. In the first case, delivery will last about 2-3 weeks and it will costs 10$, so you will need to waits weeks for the delivery. EMS courier delivery costs 20$ and is possible only if your country is in EMS list, though there are few countries where such type of delivery is impossible. Thought it lasts 3-8 business days. However, some deliveries can take longer because of the accidents that can occure at the customs. can be If you order medicine that costs more than 200$ shipping will be free of charge and you will get some free pills.

Most of drugs that are in the online store usually are in stock. Orders are processed about 24 hours. And if you’ve already ordered something you shouck check your email to verify your purchase.

The store gives a guarantee of high quality of their products. So, if you get your meds damaged , they will be defected or you will just not satisfied with its quality, the website will resend your order for free. Online store has a customer spupport department, so , you can write them a letter just out of the website and wait for a feedback. It is poosible to deliver prodcuts into the PO boxes.

All purchases can be done with credit cards visa and mastercard and they are all strictly private and anonymous. You can also choose different currency for payment. Websore allowas you to choose between 16 different variants.

Online store is also using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and latest encryption technologies which guarantees security of transactions. review: Online Pharmacy is not fake

Pharmacy Mall is a famous canadian company, that has few sites with different domain. is one of the official websites of this company. Pharmacy Mall was established in 1997. It is working for more than 20 years. It has over 1 million customers all over the world and sells only high quality medications. review

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This website store has a big variety of meds. The chipest here are viagra and cialis. Their price start from 0.27$ and 0.68$ for a pill. Here are some drugs with the lowest prices on the internet. review

Some drugs are marked as brand one. There is a small difference between brand-named and generic medications. Companies that are making pharmacy spend a lot of money on researches, tests and further advertisement of products. Brand firms own patents for this product and selling them like an exclusive one. After some time patent expires and other manufactures can allow themself to produce this type of medicine. And that’s what is called generic meds. As they don’t spend money for above things, there is no need for them to make a high price for drugs. And that’s why they are much cheaper than brand name medications. The main problem here is that not all generic drugs can’t pass requirements of a state, so not all of them match to FDA standards. Such pseudo medicine is usually a counterfeit. However, all generic drugs at Pharmacy Mall are FDA approved and are safety. is also absent at the NABP not recommended sites. Generic meds can differ from the brand name drugs with shape and name, but an active ingredient, its dosage and side effects remain the same. reviews


There are also different types of pills. You can find regular and soft pills on the website. The difference is much more bigger than in case of generic and brand meds. It is said that soft pills has differ zone of absorption, speed and duration of action. Soft pills are believed to be better than regular pills, so they work faster and have higher duration.

Unlike the other shops, оyou can easily order any meds from all over the world. You are able to order the prescription drugs without prescriptions, however website recommends you to take a doctor’s consultation before you order any of the meds.

If you are already ordered something at this website, you should know that your order will be processed during 24 hours. And just after buying a product you will recieve a letter to your email. This online pharmacy gives you an opportunity to order meds to almost any location of the world. There two possible ways of delivery: by airmail and by EMS courier. The difference is between the ways is in price and speed of delivery. For example, a few weeks delivery will cost you 10$, while few days delivery by EMS courier will cost you 20$. Sometimes delays can be occured. Usually it happens because of the accidents that are out of the program. If you get a damaged product, the pharmacy will resend you your gruds for free. You can also write to this online site and wait for a feedback or you can call them using the phone code of Canada (number is on the site).

All products can be bought with your credit card form any corner of the world. review: Stop paying too much for the pharmacy

There are several ways to obtain meds today. You can go to the local drugstore and buy there medicine with high prices or you can try to order some drugs into the internet. The second way is much more easier and more comfortable. Although things seems to be like they are. You can never be sure in quality of the products you are offering throught the internet. One of the possible solutions of this problem – to buy drugs into the big and all-known internet store to be sure in their quality. An online drugstores with websites isn’t a new thing today, but there are some online stores which gives an incredible offer.

One of the biggest internet drugstores is What is it? Cheap rx is an online webstore which offers a wide range of products. It is working since 1997 and serves offer 1 million customers all over the world. This website represent a Canadian pharmacy company, however it doesn’t have any official store. Rxcom has a membership with popular canadian pharmacy companies: CIPA and MIPA. Webstore offers a low-cost genuine meds for its buyers all over the world. Assortment of drugs on the website consists of generic and brand name medicine. As it said on the website. there is no big difference between generic and brand medicine, except the prices. They have same route of administration, dosage, intended use, side effects etc. The main difference that they are made not at the original manufacture. Generic meds which are offered by the store is approved by FDA (Food and Drug administration). Difference in price between generic and brand medicine appears mostly due to research, marketing and promostion for a product which is done by brand manufactures. After some time patent, which was granted to manufacture expires and allows to produce generic versions of the products. Though, not all brand-named products have their generic versions. You can also find soft pills on at the website. There is the difference between soft and regular pills. Soft pills usually act quicker than its regular analogs.

You should also pay attention to the dosage of the pill. Some meds wont have required dosage. For example, you need 50 mg dosage and there is only 100 mg pills in the store. It means that you need to divide pill into 2 pieces and take two 50 mgs pills. For some drugs, such as viagra, necessary dosage can vary. 50 mg viagra conatins 50 mg of active ingredient, while 100 mg pill contains 100 mg of active ingredient. So, for some people 25 mg will be enough. At the same time, 100 mg for other people couldn’t be enough to reach desired effect.

The store has about 30 different categories of the medications, that the store offers you to buy: allergies, anti fungal, antibiotics,birth control, blood pressure, cholesterol lowering, heart diseasesherbals, muscle relaxant, pain relief, sleep aid, quit smoking, weight loss and others . The store also has good prices for the customers. For example, pills viagra costs only 0.27$ for a pill. Generic viagra cialis are on the top of bestsellers on the website. Online pharmacy have big advantage over any other kinds – you can order any medication from this site. It is said that the website sells medicine without prescriptions, however they advise to consult a health care provider. In other way you can make a harm to your health. Moreover, you can find free discount coupons on the different websites which grants you 10% off from already one of the cheepest drugstores on the internet.


ReliableRxPharmacy Reviews – Should you really relay on it?

Choice: look for with conviction

We prescribe to our perusers inferable from positive client feedback, confirmed nature of thing, short movement time and satisfaction guarantees covering orders

is in capability to the backwards web sedate store—this store has worked for over twelve years on-line and has substantiated itself trustworthy as the years advanced. Most on-line retailers backpedal and forward, however Reliable Rx Pharmacy still stands. Purchasers have acknowledged quality thing at humble expenses from the buy long may regardless do in that capacity at between times the returning years.

Strong thing domain unit the main decisions of this on-line tranquilize store. absolutely sources its remedies from strong producers of brand-name and non particular name pharmaceuticals. you will see drugs from stunning firms like Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline on Reliable Rx Pharmacy, be that as it may you will to boot wish thing from USA administrative unit and universally acclaimed Indian pharmaceutical brands like Cipla, Sun Pharma, and Ajanta pharma. Reliable Rx Pharmacy ensures the perfect idea of its pharmaceuticals through their definitive unit supports—the store inside and out sold arrangements confirmed by the Food and Drug Administration (either whole or nonexclusive).

In the event that you’re taking a gander at a one-stop-scan for drugs, may even be set up to enable you to out. Tried and true Rx Pharmacy offers A genuine scope of thing on its site, joining meds for varied clinical distresses like defilements, hypersensitivities, high weight, tumor, weakness, skin issue and distinctive skin afflictions, and some extra. Out of the impressive number of meds at intervals the shop, notwithstanding, the favored thing range unit Careprost, Tenvir, and ZyhCG. Other than the three thing, ReliableRx Pharmacy incorporated a couple of thing to boot, as Vitafizz and, Vitafizz Ca, Ginko Plus, Omega Flex, Super Joints, Crampstop, and distinctive others. Most of the favored meds and included thing gettable on ReliableRx Pharmacy area unit from especially perceived firms from the u.s., Europe, and fundamentally the whole world.

Since most men’s prosperity thing sq. measures to a great degree ordinary in on-line sedate stores, I required the expenses of the driving forward thing like A negated – infertility solution, Cialis, and Levitra or their tasteless parallels, at whatever point possible. All through my check, be that as it may, there are no name thing at between times the shop, yet the request sold noticeable Indian brands. ahead of time with the esteem list for the stock, Tadacip (flat accomplice for Cialis) from Cipla is possible on the buy in any event $14.40 (4 and 4 additional pills) and its Kamagra (nonexclusive accomplice for Viagra) from Ajanta pharma is to boot accessible on the buy at any rate $14.40 (4 and 4 additional pills).

Concerning shipping, the request charges a level rate of $12 for the transportation and treatment of the stock at between times the shop. Portions, on the other hand, locale unit done through VISA mastercard portions.

If your solicitations region unit lost or broken, you will interface with Reliable Rx Pharmacy’s assistance assemble by methods for the live talk perform or its contact numbers (Toll-Free: +1(855) 870-5513, International Tel: +1(213)291-0788, and Fax: +1(760) 284-5903). The shop’s illustrative raced to answer once I asked concerning its free transporting promo and was flawless to chat with.


decisions a huge amount of studies report for its organization, that shows client satisfaction for the execution of the interest. Here district unit variety of the promoter comments existing for the request Reliable Rx Pharmacy:

David pronounce his review for on August 2016 and express that he was a client of the purchase a few years starting at now. He lauded the store’s high thing quality and its crying organization rendered to him all through the past. He recommended that distinctive searchpers endeavor the organization of this web shop.

Shelly, another client, report her review for the request on would possibly 2016 and like David, indicated that she was A conventional of She to boot kept telling yet wise the organization {and the|and so the|and to boot the} aftereffect of the chase were and conjointly reinforced the utilization of this on-line tranquilize store.

One of the main late comments for was from Gregorian calendar month Parsons (from Glasgow) WHO connected his basic foundation with the net store. Strong with him, Reliable Rx Pharmacy was flawless with its organization, things, and even movement. When all is said in done, the promoter was all around happy with the organization rendered him by the interest.

Reviews 2017

Most on-line sedate stores disregard to have late reviews for his or her execution, however not Reliable Rx Pharmacy. to boot had reviews for its organization in 2017 and fantastically, from purchasers fragile its reliable organization and things:

The client Jamie (from New York) covers August 2017 and related his gonadotrophin organize the chase. in wander with him, the stocks was honest to goodness and reasonable and he was set up to feel a colossal capability in his body once his use of the stock he sourced from the Reliable Rx Pharmacy.

Though drawn-out, the hugeness of the Vicky P’s comment (posted Gregorian timetable month 2017) was that had “careful client advantage”. She anticipated that would wipe out one of her solicitations subsequently the interest was adequately altruistic to help her at between times the technique. beside this, she was to boot arranged to adequately get her past solicitations from Reliable Rx Pharmacy.

Coupon Codes

But no coupon code before long exists on the webshop, is eventually offering discounts to its purchasers to empower them to let down the pharmaceutical expenses even extra.


As demonstrated by the promotion on high of, is giving a tenth discount to clients arranged to purchase their solicitations manhandle E-checks in this manner the interest is in an exceedingly position to make up to $25 off one purchase.

Beside this, ensures its purchasers that its movement cost is an unassuming $12—not in the slightest degree like diverse shops’ overstated rates for his or her conveyance charges.


The store is one in all the few places on the web wherever you’ll truly “constantly” purchase your meds from. Strong Rx Pharmacy is giving a sweeping vary of thing choices from all around affirmed brands, except for the overwhelming sensible costs. customers may in like manner utilize the shop’s favoring refunds to alleviate the costs even an extensive measure of. I see significantly recommendable and in light of a legitimate concern for me, this store is clearly a five out of five star assessed look.

Choice: look for positively

We sponsor to our perusers in light of positive client input, insisted nature of thing, short transport time and satisfaction guarantees covering orders

Bitcoin pharmacy list and ratings

Bitcoin crypto currency basically changed the world’s financial system, providing completely new vision on global money exchange. Digital currency has a range of advantages, which have brought it to the limelight within recent years. Bitcoin is an Internet-distributed worldwide decentralized virtual money. Reasons for Bitcoin’s popularity are its exceptional security and safety of transactions, which add a compelling measure of anonymity. Digital money is not a subject to any government jurisdiction and cannot be regulated by banks or other financial institutions. This strongly increases the speed of transferring BTCs and makes Bitcoin payment free of any monstrous commission fee or bank charge. In addition, clients can make transactions from almost everywhere in the world.

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Bitcoin pharmacy list

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How Long Does Prednisone Stay in your System?

How Long Does Prednisone Stay in your System?

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The Usage and Effects of Prednisone

Let me dwell upon Prednisone and the impact of this medicament on the body. This cure is a synthetic corticosteroid, transformed by the liver into prednisolone. The aim of using this remedy is the therapy of skin diseases, for instance, eczema, psoriasis, allergies and dermatitis. Some breathing problems, for example, asthma, are also cured by this substance. The cure prevents inflammation and makes the immune system stronger. The patients should be careful using this drug and it is best to consume it under the doctor’s supervision. Physicians do not suggest ceasing to consume the remedy all of a sudden, because it can lead to unwanted consequences.

How Long Does Prednisone Remain in the Body?

The semi-digestion time of prednisolone, the major component of Prednisone, varies from three to four hours. After that time half of the cure will be gone from the organism. It normally takes from sixteen to twenty-two hours for the essence to be fully released from the body, after the ultimate dosage has been ingested. The discharge of medicament can take a longer period, for example, a week, if big doses of the remedy have been taken, if a patient has been consuming the drug chronically or if he has a liver sickness. Body mass, age, urinary acidity and the food a person has been eating also impact the speed of the remedy’s clearance. It also matters whether a patient has been drinking much water – if so, the cure will leave the body faster.

The traces of Prednisone can be found in the blood, urine, sweat, breast milk and hair follicles. Prednisolone reaches is maximum concentration in the blood in one to two hours after the utilization. The cure will definitely be detected in your bloodstream if you undergo the blood examination within that time period. The metabolites of the remedy will be found in the urine when the two hours have passed and until the cure has been fully excreted. The remedy will be discovered in the hair follicles during up to three months after the ultimate consumption. The hair test is a good way to find out when the last intake of the cure happened. Very low percentages of the stimulant can be tracked in saliva. Urine test is the most trustworthy and often used one, as it shows the decomposition products of Prednisone for a much longer time, in comparison to other tests.

Which Conditions Influence the Speed of Prednisone’s Clearance?

Age is a primary factor influencing the speed of the remedy’s discharge from the body. Since the kidneys of younger people work much better than the ones of older patients, the cure will be eliminated from younger users’ systems much quicker. The bodies of elderly people can metabolize the cure for over twenty-four hours.

The level of urine acidity is also critical for the cure’s clearance – the more acidic the urine is, the quicker the pharmaceutical will be gone from the body. Obviously, the patients applying big doses of the drug should expect that it will linger in their systems for a long time, because of lengthy absorption and consequent postponed discharge. If the remedy has been consumed simultaneously with the meal, this will suspend its digestion and release. In case a person has eaten before consuming the remedy, the cure’s absorption will take approximately twelve hours.

Certain medicaments activate the enzyme catalyzing the digestion of Prednisone, and therefore their intake makes the remedy’s transformation and clearance faster. Various antifungal cures, for instance, Itraconazole and Ketoconazole, and specific antibiotics induce the activity of this enzyme and stimulate faster removal of Prednisone. On the other hand, the cures treating increased blood pressure can suppress the work of this enzyme, and their consumption causes slower metabolism of the drug.

It matters when the ultimate dose of the remedy was taken. If you consume the medicament before you go to sleep, it will stay in your organism for a longer time, because the metabolism is slower at night. Thus, if you would like the medicament to be out of your system faster, it is better to take it during the day.

Such factors as the health of kidneys and the speed of metabolism also impact the length of the remedy’s stay in the system. If the cure has been taken persistently for a substantial period of time, its clearance from the body may take more than a week.

What Do I Do if I Want Prednisone Out of My Body Faster?

If you would like for the remedy to be gone from your system quicker, you might want to recede its usage gradually. Remember, that instant refusal from Prednisone can be harmful to your health. Reduce the doses of the cure’s intake during several days under the doctor’s supervision. If you do that, you will have no trouble ceasing to use the medicament.

Ingesting much water and consuming acidic products are also beneficial methods of speeding up the Prednisone clearance. You also want to avoid eating alkaline foods, because they make the digestion of the cure slower. It is best not to eat grapefruits and pomegranates if you want the remedy to be out of your system quicker. Ask your doctor about the volume of water you need to drink and the regime of its intake to ensure quick excretion of Prednisone.


Prednisone is the medicament you might want to use if you are treating allergic dermatitis and breathing problems. The major ingredient of this essence is prednisolone, which helps to fight inflammation and to make one’s immune system stronger. This component is excreted from the body with the help of kidneys, and urine tests are the most reliable ones to track the presence of this element in the system. Half of the drug is normally gone from the body in two to four hours after the intake. Complete discharge of Prednisone from the system happens in six hours after the intake at the earliest, and the longest time of excretion can be roughly twenty-four hours. In rare cases the discharge of the medicament from the body can take about a week. This happens if the drug has been consumed steadily in substantial doses. Make sure to give your body enough liquid and to consume acidic foods if you want to clear your system from the drug faster.

Fildena Review – Negative Impact Revealed

I would like to examine Sildenafil citrate – the medicine which aims to cure a male health problem, specifically weak potency or its absence. This unpleasant disorder makes it impossible for men to have erection to be able to perform a sexual act. The effect of the remedy in focus is based on increasing the blood supply to male reproductive organ. No studies have confirmed that Sildenafil affects women the same way. Another known impact of the cure is decreasing blood pressure in the vessels, and it is especially useful for people who suffer from high pressure in the arteries of lungs.

Fildena is the labeled name of Sildenafil, while the latter is a general name of this remedy. In this article I am going to study Fildena produced in India by Fortune Healthcare enterprise. This firm started its operation at the end of 1980’s and it is a wide-known and authorized one. It gained its popularity because of producing the general version of Viagra, which is considerably cheaper than its labeled analogue. Besides Viagra, the firm issues hundreds of other medical goods, and forty of the ones are certified in the Philippines. The company works towards legalizing its other cures in other countries of Asia.

Feedback of Users on Fildena

I was lucky to discover plenty of positive commentaries about this remedy. Apparently, the majority of consumers were happy with the drug, emphasizing its good impact on their health and its adequate price.

One of the buyers, whose opinion I read, was happy with the good’s price and quality. He mentioned that he only needed half of the tablet to reach the promised result, but there was also a drawback to the product – this person felt headache after taking the medicine and he also had a runny nose sometime after that.

Another purchaser shared his satisfaction with the remedy and said that all he needed to improve his state was one tablet. Thus, he did not see any difference between this product and the ones produced by world-famous companies.

I also read the feedback from the store’s administrator, and she stated that this cure was sold very well compared to other erectile dysfunction remedies. The lady was persuaded that their consumers were content with the treatment results.

Continuing my research, I encountered other opinions on Fildena and found out that its impact was fast and it tasted well. These were the words of a thirty year old man who was happy with his choice of the remedy. In his review he wrote that the effect of the tablet was quicker than the one of its analogues, and the appearance and flavor of the cure also exceeded his expectations. The man indicated that it was understandable why so many people liked this medical good.

Summing up the customers’ feedback I can say that Fildena seems to be as qualitative as labeled Viagra and it does not defer to it in terms of impact. Many consumers have noticed that just half of the tablet can be used to achieve a good effect, that is why this drug is a strong one.

The Cost and Dose of the Cure

Tablet dosages of the remedy are 25 and 100 mg. The price of a heavier tablet is a little more than three dollars for one pill, and there are sets of ten pills available.

Most doctors prescribe to take 50 mg of a remedy one time a day one hour before the sexual intercourse. The minimum dose to apply is twenty-five mg a day, and the maximum one is one hundred mg. The time when it is best to take a pill ranges from half an hour to four hours before the anticipated act.

It is recommended that aged people take no more than one 25 mg tablet an hour before the intercourse, one time a day. Please, do not exceed this dosage to avoid health problems. You should also be attentive if you have liver or kidneys diseases. It is a good decision to consult your doctor before taking this medication in case of such maladies.

Acquiring the Remedy on the Internet

The medication is available on many pharmaceutical sites, and it is not a problem to find it. I advise that you pay attention before buying the drug – watch out for rogue medical websites which can potentially supply you with a bad quality product. You can never be too careful when it comes to your health, so study the site you are going to buy from thoroughly and read the users’ reviews.

Medication Usage

You can start with the dosage of 50 mg, and please, make sure not to take more than that during the day, if the doctor does not instruct you otherwise. It can happen that you are allergic to Sildenafil or related cures, and it is always a good idea to check your health with your healthcare specialist first, before taking the drug. Take the remedy no later than forty-five to thirty minutes before the sexual act, and keep in mind that for the erectile effect to take place, intimate stimulation will be needed.

Negative Impact of the Cure

According to the patients’ feedback, headache is on top of the list of the most frequent unwanted effects of the drug. Sometimes patients also have stomach or eyesight problems, particularly unclear vision. Some people suffer from being light-headed or from having the symptoms of the cold. For these reasons it is best to avoid performing the activities which require high concentration.

The rare negative effects are skin problems, allergies, fastened heart rhythm, muscle pain, excessive desire to drink, blood in the ejaculate, etc. It is possible that you will get rid of the symptoms if you keep on taking the medicine, but if they do not go away, please, consult your doctor.

If using a drug results in heart pain or if you already have some heart problems, quit taking the medicine and call your physician all at once.


The examination I have conducted shows that Fildena is a renowned medicine, because many people have left positive comments about it. It is not less effective than labeled Viagra, and its price is more appealing. A good result can be reached by taking just a small dosage of the medication, and this tells me that the quality of Sildenafil used in this medicine is high. If the medicine was not qualitative patients would need much bigger doses to achieve the coveted outcome. I believe this drug is authentic and it is safe to consume it.

It comforts me that the Indian company producing this remedy is ISO certified and sells drugs internationally. This means that this manufacturer is a responsible one and can be trusted.

The feedback from the patients is mostly positive, even though the remedy does cause certain negative side effects. I suggest that the recommended dose never be exceeded, and this will help to decrease the possible bad impact.

I give this cure the grade of four out of five because of its good reputation and agreeable prices, and I believe you will not be disappointed if you try using it.

Inspection of – the Dealer Offering Expensive Cures and No Discounts

In this investigation I am going to focus on – the web drugstore selling medicines produced in Europe. The cures this dealer offers are implemented to improve male health, to treat diabetes, stomach and skin problems, allergic reactions, inflammation, depression and other conditions. It is remarkable that the pills sold on this website are very expensive. For instance, the cost of one tablet of 10 mg Cialis is nearly twenty dollars, which is unusual.

It is relieving that this Internet merchant asks the clients to provide up-to-date recipes from physicians to acquire medications. This makes me believe that the pharmacological items the pharmacy sells do not pose danger to people’s health. Continue reading

Examination of – Authentic Pharmacological Intermediary

In my search of common and affordable medications I ran into website. I believe that online traders like this can be beneficial for consumers, because the prices they offer differ greatly from the ones at off-line drugstores. I am sure that Canadian buyers need some reasonable options to choose from, and the website in focus can be one of the opportunities to save for them.

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The analysis I have conducted tells me that this merchant is not actually a drugstore, but it is an intermediary, referring consumers to pharmacies. I found out that it had been working since early 2000’s. The entity is located in Canada, as we can understand from its name. The intermediary is authorized by pharmaceutical associations and its medical products are licensed by Food and Drug Administration. This fact makes me think highly of this merchant, because it must be trustworthy. The remedies this service stores are brought from such countries as the UK, Canada, the USA, India, New Zealand and Australia.

You can buy both prescribed and not prescribed remedies from this dealer. It is convenient to search the site, because it contains the list of medications in the alphabetical order, and you can also enter the name of the remedy you are looking for. The aim of my search was finding male health cures, specifically the ones against erectile dysfunction. I wanted to have them at an appealing price, or, perhaps, to find their no-label substitutes. I typed in the first letters of medication names and found several remedies to consider.

Let us take a look at the prices I discovered. Four 100 mg pills of labeled Viagra came at the price of sixty-seven dollars. The general analogue of this remedy, Sildenafil, containing the same amount of the active ingredient could be bought for forty-three dollars. The brand version of Cialis, four pills weighing 10 mg, was available for eighty dollars, while the general substitute cost thirty-three dollars. Four 10 mg pills of brand Levitra were sold for almost seventy dollars, and no-label Vardenafil came at the price of forty dollars. You can see that there was a noticeable difference in the prices of labeled and general cures.

I noticed that the medicines were sold only after the patient provided a recipe from the physician. I believe it is positive, because remedies will not be misused this way.

Speaking of the ways of payment customers could use, I saw that there were money orders, electronic check and credit card options offered. Keep in mind, that you cannot immediately pay with your credit card, as the intermediary only allows doing this after your third purchase. In my opinion, it is not convenient, and this nuance may scare away some clients.

The cost of delivery is ten dollars for one order, and purchases can be delivered by usual post. The time of such shipment varies from one week to almost two weeks, if the client is from Canada. If the client places an international order, the time of delivery will be up to almost three weeks. Large boxes will require extra payment.

As for the contact information, the dealer provided two free telephone and fax numbers and an email address. The site did a good job of adding a live chat feature, because it enables consumers to get fast answers to their inquiries. I was informed through live chat that the merchant did not reimburse the cost of lost or damaged medications.

Feedback on the Intermediary

Looking through the site, I did not find any customer feedback or even the section for it. Then I decided to surf the web in search of any reviews on this dealer. I was happy to come across some feedback on external sources. The information they contained was contradictory. One of the reviewers was very happy with the work of the merchant and claimed to be their loyal client. He stated that he was able to find the most acceptable prices and save a great sum of money on this site. He was also lucky to order some general medications internationally, because they could not be found in America. According to him, client care representatives were so kind as to remind him about renewing his medical recipes. This person gave the site a grade of five out of five.

The opinion of another client was opposite. He claimed that his experience with this site was negative and he had trouble placing an order. He believed that the site of this merchant was fraudulent, and he was extremely unhappy with the service. The grade he gave the seller was just one out of five. This customer was angry, claimed that client care employees were unavailable, and suggested others never to order from this dealer.

I was confused after reading such conflicting feedback, and I did not know what to think. The only explanation I had was that the reviews were placed at a totally different time. The negative one was written in 2012, and the positive one was left in 2015. I believe this means that the intermediary upgraded its work over three years and started to perform better. This can happen after a company gains some experience. In any case, I was not satisfied with finding just two customer opinions, and I continued my search.

The Company’s Position in 2017

I did not see any feedback on the merchant left in 2016. After consulting Scam Advisor, I learnt that the website was insecure, because its genuine location was not given out to customers. Research on Scam Advisor showed that the enterprise was situated in Barbados in the Caribbean, and not in Canada or the United States. I was surprised with this fact. Another interesting piece of information is that the quantity of this site’s visitors is small, thus, its popularity is low.

Discount Options the Merchant Offers

As usually, I checked the website to see if there were any coupon codes or cost reductions advertised. I knew that smart companies always had various discounts to attract customers. The inviting opportunity I found was a ten percent discount for the users of the phone application. This is something I did not encounter on other websites.


Using Internet drugstores or intermediaries can be either beneficial or harmful for buyers. Everything depends on the excellence of the merchant’s services. Sometimes the quality of remedies can be low, or they can even be false ones and not genuine.

At first, this particular site gave me the impression of a reliable one, because I could see that it was certified by renowned medical enterprises, and I thought it was secure. I also enjoyed searching information on this merchant’s site, because the menu was easy to use, the search bar was available, and the representatives of the company could be reached on live chat quickly. Unfortunately, the feedback was inconsistent, even though it was found on the external source. There were only two comments from purchasers, and it was hard to form an opinion based on them. I do not know why one of the clients was so happy with the service, while the other one was totally upset. I still think that the work of the merchant could have progressed over time, thus I will not be harsh in my conclusions.

The fact that the website is operated from Barbados, and not from Canada or the USA, is alarming, because it contradicts the name of the site. The positive side of this merchant is that remedies are not sold to people who do not have instructions from physicians. It is a sensible approach, I believe. Scam Advisor shows that not many clients attend this dealer’s site.

Taking into account all this data, I give the merchant the grade of three out of five. I think it has much space for improvement, but it is not absolutely untrustworthy either. Please, feel free to form your own opinion about this service, just be careful when using it.

Analysis of – Safe Pharmaceutical Merchant

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When I was looking to buy Cialis at an affordable price, I came across It is an Internet store selling medications.

Acquiring cures over the Internet is popular nowadays, and it is best to be careful when you do it. Usually drugstores provide labeled and general remedies. The latter are equivalent to brand ones, but they are considerably cheaper. The pricing policy of Internet dealers varies from the one of usual medical traders.

I examined the website of the pharmacy in focus and learnt that the activity of this dealer was approved by the International Pharmacy Association of Canada and the one of Manitoba. There was no data about the location of this drugstore, but its being authorized by these associations told me that the dealer was located in Canada. I assume it delivers medicines within Canada and to other countries.

The assortment of medicines turned out to be wide. I could see herbal remedies and trial packs of medicines treating erectile dysfunction. The list of cures was long, and it contained the ones treating restlessness, breathing and joint problems, hypertension, heart ache, high level of sugar in blood, etc. The patients who order from this site can also choose the remedies against viruses and anti-mycotic ones, the ones relaxing muscles, soothing pain and helping to lose weight. There are female and male health medicines, particularly the ones curing erectile dysfunction. As for prices, the cost of ten tablets of general Viagra is approximately thirty-six dollars. The price of general variant of Cialis is thirty-five dollars for the blister of ten tablets. Labeled cures of these brands are more expensive, but there are discounts available. Consumers will pay around thirty-six dollars for four tables of labeled Viagra, while the same amount of labeled Cialis is offered for forty dollars. The drugstore assures buyers that all the remedies are authorized by Food and Drug Administration.

The payment methods are convenient, because clients can transfer money from credit cards. Delivery is conducted through air mail, and there are other options. It takes from two to three weeks for the remedies to arrive, and the price of transportation is almost ten dollars. A more expensive way of getting remedies is using express mail service – it will cost almost twenty dollars. The advantage of this way of transportation is speed – clients get their cures only in three days to a week. However, if someone orders from abroad, it is possible that shipment will take more time.

The company provides telephone numbers for the buyers from the US and Great Britain. The calls are not free of charge, and it might be a better idea to contact the company via email.

I was not able to find any comments about the possibility of reimbursement in case of the client’s dissatisfaction. Thus, I do not know whether I will get my money back or will have the medicine shipped to me again if it is broken or missing.

Customer’s Feedback on the Drugstore

Reading through the official site of this company, I ran into feedback from several purchasers who were extremely satisfied with the work of the merchant. They praised both the medications they had acquired and the work of the seller.

For example, a client from Spain gave greatly positive feedback about the delivery, helpful customer care representatives and prompt answers of the team, high quality of remedies and friendly prices. He stated that the money he had spent was worth it. Another lady from Spain was equally happy with the service she got, and emphasized the work of client care crew as outstanding one. In her opinion, no other Internet medical trader treated clients with such care. She also thought highly about the producers of healthcare goods and evaluated this drugstore as a wonderful intermediary.

There was also a comment from a person from France, who claimed to buy from this merchant continuously. He enjoyed fast delivery and the opportunity to track the packages, and liked this website very much.

As happy as I was to see that feedback, I still felt the need to find external one. I suspected that the reviews could be deceptive, because the company could have written them itself. In search of unbiased reviews on unrelated web-pages, I came across another pharmaceutical website and was surprised to find the same users’ comments there. I believe that the feedback on is copied from an alternative site, which looks a lot like this same drugstore. I came to the conclusion that this medical dealer was not worth my trust, because it resembled a scam a lot.

Feedback Given in 2018

I did not encounter any feedback on this merchant written in 2018. Using the help of Scam Advisor, I determined that the drugstore could be from a European country, such as Germany or the Netherlands. Apparently, it was not related to Canada, like I used to think. Research showed that few people opened this website, and this means that the merchant is hardly credible. I would not buy from it to avoid running risks.

Coupon Codes and Discounts of the Merchant

Saving opportunities I saw on the dealer’s site were as follows. The first one was adding 4 tablets of general Viagra free of charge to each purchase. Another one was free delivery for the purchases costing more than two hundred dollars. I was glad to find a small consolation after learning negative information.


This research has confirmed my persuasion that one needs to be vigilant when ordering from online sellers. Many Internet drugstores turn out to be fraudulent, and the one we are discussing is no exception.

The medical dealer we are examining looks credible because the authorization of Canadian pharmaceutical associations is presented on the webpage. However, deep analysis shows that the drugstore has nothing to do with Canada, and is located in Europe instead.

The other negative factor is that the feedback written on the merchant’s official website has been copied from other drugstores, and, of course, cannot be trusted. Thus, I do consider this website original. I did not find any external feedback on it on other sites, and I confidently give this dealer a grade of one out of five, which is the lowest one. I do not suggest purchasing from this merchant, even though discount offers look attractive and prices are affordable. Avoid ordering from it if you value your money and safety.