Overview of Totalcaremart.com – Online Pharmacy Trusted by Customers

My research shows that Totalcaremart.com is a mediator, selling cheap prescription medicines. It turns out that this website has the certification of Canadian International Pharmacy Association. This fact adds to the credibility of this resource. The online drugstore works from Canada, the city of Winnipeg. It was founded in 2001.

Overview of Totalcaremart.com

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The firm claims that its remedies are produced in different countries. They are made in Canada itself, as well as Singapore, Turkey, the UK, Mauritius, and even Australia and New Zealand. The seller provides general and labelled medications. It also offers medicines for dogs and cats. It is valuable that the drugs are authorized by Food and Drug Administration. This ensures their good quality.

This Internet dealer sells medications both prescribed by doctors and not required ones. The ones which are not prescribed can be bought without the physician’s directive. To buy the other ones, a client needs to show the corresponding prescription. The customer is fully responsible for the medications he buys, because the pharmacy does not give any medical advice.

The site does a good job of enumerating different prescription and non-prescription drugs for multiple sicknesses. This lets customers choose which medication to buy. The clients have an option of acquiring generic drugs instead of prescribed ones, if they want to save money.

Speaking of the medicines treating erectile dysfunction, there are both generic and brand ones in this online pharmacy. For instance, there is Viagra produced by Pfizer. Four tablets of this drug are available for $64. Four tablets of Cialis made by Lilly can be bought for $97. The customers can pay for their cures with the most popular credit cards.

The delivery service this website offers is not free of charge. If you want your medications to be delivered within Canada and the mainland part of the USA, you will have to pay $9.95. Shipping to more distant places will cost you $19.95. The geography of delivery is wide. Customers can receive their drugs in European countries, such as the UK, France, Italy, Romania and Spain. Medications can also be delivered to multiple countries of South America and Asia, including South-Eastern Asia.

I did not find any information about payment reimbursements on the website. The clients can contact customer support representatives to clarify this issue. Client care is accessible through live chat, email, and a free telephone number. When I was online, I did not get a reply from live chat support. If the clients would like to call internationally, there is a telephone number for such calls. The website states that their crew speaks Spanish, besides English.

Feedback on Totalcaremart

I came across many appreciative reviews of this online drugstore. They were available both on their official website and on the general website about Canadian pharmacies. Most of the customers praised the services and goods of this drugstore.

Some of the clients gave the store a rating of five stars out of five. They were satisfied with client support and prompt delivery service. The reviews dated back to the year 2015.

Feedback on the Online Pharmacy in 2016

I looked through the website representing national drugstores, and saw feedback from more than seven and a half thousand people. These users were verified and gave up-to-date reviews of the vendor in focus. Feedback was left at the end of 2016.

Overview of Totalcaremart.com

The clients were pleased with supportive client service of the website, as well as with their affordable prices and timely shipment.

Nevertheless, the results of checking this website with the help of LegitScript were different. This site gave Totalcaremart the definition of a “crook” online drugstore. Such analysis outcome was not explained, so I am not aware of why the pharmacy received this status.

The Pharmacy’s Coupon Codes

The drugstore asks the customers to put “likes” on Facebook social media. They claim that by doing so the clients will get access to discounts and special offers. This practice seemed new to me, because I have never noticed other pharmacies do that.


I got a positive impression about this website after reading the reviews. There was plenty of feedback about this pharmacy’s services on the Internet. Most of the customers were happy with well-timed delivery and extraordinary client service. The availability of external reviews, which could be found on another website, also made me trust this online drugstore.

Speaking of the prices, I found them reasonable. The cost of no-prescription remedies was particularly appealing.

The only thing that bothered me was the inspection result on LegitScript website. It made me wonder why the pharmacy was given a low rating and called untrustworthy.

However, this detail did not influence my overall good opinion about this seller. I believe that the impressions of customers are more important. For this reason, I give the website a rating of five out of five. I suggest using this vendor based on the feedback of many content users.

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    Very satisfied with the service, the availability of drugs, prices, and especially the fact that the order delivers courier.

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    Thank you very much to all the staff of the Pharmacy

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    Very happy delivery. Even if the goods are slightly more expensive than on other sites, I choose to buy here. The costs of transport and time are of great importance. And so, – service)).

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