Overview of Progressiverx.com – A Potentially Good Pharmaceutical Seller

Let me share the results of my research on Progressiverx.com. It is an online pharmaceutical retailer, working from India, Singapore and Canada. The main office of the enterprise is in Bangalore, India. This drugstore is proud of its affordable medications. The customers can acquire them without insurance. The pharmacy supplies medicines to such countries, as Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, India, Canada and Eastern Europe.

Overview of Progressiverx.com

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The online merchant sells both general and labeled cures. Not all of them have been authorized by US Food and Drug Administration, that is why some of them cannot be distributed in the United States. The process of certification is still going on. Most of the medications have been approved only by the administrations of the producing countries.

The clients need to show the instructions from their doctors to acquire prescribed medicines. If they do not have the recipe from the physician, they can send in the pictures of the prescription packages they have bought before.

The site provides labeled and general remedies, along with the cures for animals. The goods are listed on the site in the alphabetical order, and not by product category. I have to point out that it is not very convenient. Luckily, there is an opportunity to search the website for the medications needed. I have been looking for erectile dysfunction medications specifically, and I found out that only general medicines of this type were in stock. There were no labeled medications for men. The advantage of buying general cures from this site is paying a low price. For instance, twenty-four tablets of general 100 mg Viagra can be bought for $54. Thirty tablets of general 20 mg Cialis can be acquired for $60.

The cost of delivery is considerably lower on this website, compared to other dealers. It takes about three weeks to conduct regular delivery. Its cost is $7. As for priority delivery, it takes approximately two weeks. The consumer will have to pay $18 for it. There are several payment variants available to customers. They can pay for their purchases with their Visa and MasterCards, American Express and Discover. Electronic checks could be used before, but clients can no longer pay with them.

I personally liked the fact that the goods customers had not received could be repeatedly delivered to them. However, I found no information about reimbursement, if the clients wanted to return their medications.

There was a telephone number customers could call on the website. The option of talking to the client representative in live chat was also available. The site also provided an inquiry form clients could use.

Feedback on Progressiverx

I found some reviews on an external website, evaluating pharmacies. This pharmaceutical dealer had a high rating of 4,9 out of 5. It was obvious that the clients were mostly satisfied with the services they had received.

One of the customers, who left feedback in December, 2015, stated that he had gotten his medications within three weeks. He was satisfied with the promptness of shipment. This client was attentive, and decided to check the quality of the medication. He sent general Cialis to the local laboratory and found out that the ingredients were original. The high quality of medication was proved, and the customer gave the pharmacy the grade of 4,7 out of 5.

Another client was writing that he liked the good quality and prices of this drugstore. He did not have to overpay for his medications. This made him grade the website 5 out of 5.

Current Reviews of 2016

Surprisingly, I was not able to find any feedback left in 2016. I was curious about the customers’ latest thoughts about the service, but I did not get to learn them. I consulted Scam Adviser and another service to check the legitimacy of this drugstore. Sadly, I was not happy with the outcome of the examination.

The site, checking legitimacy, gave Progressiverx the status of a fraudulent site. The information provided by the pharmacy could not be checked completely. Scam Adviser check showed that the trust rating of the dealer was seventy-five percent, which is rather high. Still, the pharmacy’s website was called deceptive. There was some malware detected. I also learnt that this source had been in operation for about thirteen years.

Coupon Codes of the Online Merchant

There were no discounts or coupon codes available on the site at the time of my search. The only benefit I was able to find was free delivery. It was available to the customers whose purchases exceeded $99.


I was glad to locate multiple reviews on the external website, studying pharmacies. All of the feedback was positive and praised the goods and services of this drugstore. However, the lack of up-to-date reviews made me less optimistic about this site’s work. I believe that there should have been reviews left this year, or at least in 2016. The most current reviews dated back to 2015. It also made me suspicious that the website was considered to be fraudulent by Scam Adviser. This drugstore did not comply with the rules set for online dealers.

The good thing was that the prices were appealing. Thus, I suggest using this merchant, but make sure checking for current reviews first. The grade I am giving to this website is four out of five. The reason for that is the lack of current customer feedback. Please, make sure to consider all the pros and cons before using this merchant’s service.

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  1. FREYA says:

    Pleasant and fast service. I am your frequent buyer. Thank you for your professional service!

  2. RILEY says:

    Excellent pharmacy! I recommend to everyone!
    I wish you further development!
    Let competitors take an example of how to approach the service.

  3. JOSEPH says:

    I ordered preparations from the site. The entire list was rechecked 3 times. All arranged.

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