Overview of Pharmaexpressrx.com – the Drugstore Providing Irregular Service

In this review I would like to focus on Pharmaexpressrx.com. It is the platform selling pharmaceutical goods online, both prescription and non-prescription ones. The website claims to provide outstanding service and advertises its extraordinarily low prices.

According to my research, this online dealer is a mediator between physical drugstores and customers. It is located in Switzerland.

I encountered several labeled medications on the website, but most of the cures were general ones. The website lets customers know that its medicines are approved by Food and Drug Administration. The pharmacy works with the remedies, produced by the enterprises, which comply with Good Manufacturing Practice standards. The most famous companies this online drugstore collaborates with are Bayer, Aventis, Novartis, Dr. Reddy’s, Eli Lily, Merck, and others.

The medicines on the website do not represent many categories. The main products the pharmacy sells are the ones, improving male and female health, the ones helping to lose weight and to relieve pain. There are also cures preventing the loss of hair, the ones reducing inflammation, relaxing muscles and eliminating allergy. The majority of pharmaceutical products do not require the recipe from the doctor to be presented. Still, some medications require the customer to show the prescription before purchasing. The pharmacy does not take the responsibility for the dosages the client needs to take. Thus, it is necessary that customers agree the amount of pills they need to consume with their physician.

I have noticed that this online merchant markets its erectile dysfunction medications excessively. The prices for them are rather low, and they are not labeled ones. For example, twenty 100 mg tablets of Sildenafil can be bought for $47. It is also possible to buy twenty pills of Vardenafil, or Levitra, for almost $80. Male remedies at this online drugstore are made mostly in India.

It turned out that the delivery was not free, even though it was advertised otherwise. The trick is that free delivery is possible only for the purchases exceeding the amount of $250. Clients can receive their orders via registered postal delivery within three weeks. This type of delivery costs $18. Express delivery takes approximately two weeks and costs $25. Purchasers can pay with electronic checks and Visa credit cards. If they pay with an electronic check, they get a ten percent cost reduction.

If the order does not reach the customer, one can get a reimbursement. If the goods are delivered, but are broken or are not the ones ordered, refund is also guaranteed. The website provides email and postal addresses, as well as a telephone number as contact information.

Feedback on the Pharmacy

I was able to find different feedback about this resource, however most reviews were the ones from dissatisfied customers. I used an alternative site, and not the drugstore’s official one, to see more truthful reviews.

The client, who wrote a review in summer 2015, stated that the website was trustworthy. He also mentioned that customer support was very helpful, and gave the site the highest rating.

On the other hand, the customer who left feedback earlier wrote that there was something suspicious about the site. The website did not accept his working credit cards and tried getting his bank account data.

Another person gave this online drugstore a low grade, stating that he did not get the goods he had ordered. He got other ones instead. Sadly, the website did not reimburse for this inconvenience, nor did it resolve this issue in any way.

Up-to-date Reviews of 2016

More recent reviews, such as the one left in spring 2016, were more positive. A person wrote that he had been purchasing at this pharmacy for many years, and he was always happy with the service. He started using this website in 2009. The rating the client gave to the drugstore was four out of five.

I decided to check this online merchant with Scam Adviser to see how credible it was. The results contradicted the client’s feedback, because this site was given zero percent safety level. This shows that this online pharmacy is not reliable. After checking the drugstore with other sources, I found out that it was recorded as a scammer. That made me alarmed. It is interesting that the website has been in operation for more than thirteen years.

Coupon Codes at Pharmaexpressrx

I did not find any discounts offered to the customers of this pharmacy. I did see the opportunities of free delivery for the purchases costing more than $200. There were no other perquisites, to my disappointment.


I believe it is positive that this online dealer had feedback on the alternative resource, because this adds to its trustworthiness. Of course, not all of the comments from that site were the ones of happy customers. Based on this fact, I give this drugstore a rating of three out of five. Forming my opinion, I took into account zero trust rating from Scam Adviser.

I still suggest using this merchant to buy men’s health remedies because of the affordable prices. Although, please, do try to be careful, especially when you are providing your bank account details. I believe giving out this information to this website can be dangerous.

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