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It is possible to buy high quality meds on the websites? Buying drugs online has a chance of buying unquality products. It doesn’t mean that you can’t buy them on the internet at all, you should just be more careful. So, choosing between different online pharmacies in order to buy cheap and licensed medicine you will fill find a Pharmacy Mall sooner or later. It is a Canadian online pharmacy that is working since 1997 and has over 1 million customers all over the world. Only a few stores can boast with so many consumers. The store has a few sites like online-rx and cheap rxcom. This online drug store offers you a wide range of medication you can easily order from any corner of the world. Website allows you to choose drugs from more than 20 categories. The amount of meds are huge. Its categories vary from “allergies” and “cholesterol lowering” to “gastrointestinal” and “quit smoking”. The online store has the lowest prices and it is on of the cheepest pharmacies that are working throught the internet. For example, you can buy generic viagra cialis. It will cost you 0.27$ and 0.68$ per pill. Levitra will cost a bit higher around 1$ for a pill. You should also notice that same pills have different dosage or pills don’t have your dosage at all. review

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And you can find that some medication has extremely low prices while are other brand-named meds are much more expensive, but it doesn’t mean that generic drugs are worse than brand ones. The online Pharmacy Mall sells only FDA approved generic medications that makes safety and legal. That’s how Pharmacy Mall got there good reutation and reeached #1 position among the online pharmacy stores. Internet is filled positive feedback from users all over the world, especially from USA, Canada and Europe. There are also a huge amount of positive commentaries under reviews dedicated to All purchasing operations can be done via credit cards: Visa or MasterCard. If you are worrying about safety your transcation operations, you need to know that checkout operation is encrypted with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). It grants you a total security of all payments done through this website.

The big advantage of the products here is that you don’t need prescription for meds. Though site is paying your attention that you should consult your doctor before ordering drugs without prescription.


It is possible to order meds to any country. Notice, that Pharmacy Mall guarantees your full anonymity.It means that there won’t be any drug names in your credit card payment hisotry. At the same time, package you will recieve won’t have any names on it and will be delivered to you like a gift. So, nobody can know what is inside your package. Delivery can be done in two ways: by airmail or by shipping. Airmail makes you to wait for 2-3 weeks and costs you about 10$, while EMS courier (shipping) you will wait for a few days. EMS courier delivery will costs you twice higher. If it is convenient for you to get your package in post office boxes, Pharmacy Mall will deliver your order there. Consumers can easily write to the pharmacy with all questions they have. Online pharmacy also gives you a guarantee. If you get damaged meds this online pharmacy will resend you drugs free of charge. There is also free shipping for orders that are higher than 200$. You can also get free pills with your order. Your drugs can be delivered to the PO boxes, where you can get your delivery.

This is probably the cheapest online pharmacy in Canada found on the internet and it has consumer-friendly interface. Overall, Pharmacy Mall has earned a great reputation due to a lot of positive moments. Cheap prices at this online pharmacy make high quality medications avialable for everybody. Great customer service with its guarantees and ful anonymity made this webstore one of the most trusted drug stores on the web. And the number of satisfied clients and there feedback make this a fully trustworthy online drug shop.

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  1. Brian says:

    I made an order in your pharmacy a second time. I remained satisfied with very fast service and staff work. I advise

  2. Betty says:

    Infinitely satisfied with the pharmacy !!!! A huge choice and absolutely democratic prices. At the expense of the staff in general, there are no complaints: they serviced me very quickly and exactly on the list. Thank you very much!

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