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The online drugstore I am going to study today is As readers can understand from the name of the dealer, it is based in Israel, specifically in Bet Shemesh. The site claims that its medicines are qualitative and are authorized by the local Health Ministry. Remedies provided by the merchant are both labeled and general ones, and their variety lets clients choose the ones they can afford. The enterprise started working in 2007 and positions itself as a mediator between the drugstore and customers. A distinguishing nuance I discovered on the website is that, apparently, its goods cannot be bought by the people from Canada or the ones living in Israel. Considering the location of the pharmacy, I find it odd.

It is good that the medicines are licensed by Food and Drug Administration and only original remedies are sold by the company. The dealer does not distribute products made in Mexico or India. If you would like to purchase remedies from this site, pay attention that not all of them are religiously acceptable, that is why you might want to get in touch with the merchant and find out whether your medication is acceptable or not.

I found references to other websites on the drugstore’s page, and the site said that they could be used for this platform’s verification. When I followed the links, I did not find any applicable information about the pharmacy on them. I figure that they are the merchant’s benefactors, but they cannot prove the website’s trustworthiness.

The firm only sells remedies to users who can provide an instruction from the doctor. I believe this approach is a sensible one and helps avoid unwanted usage of medicines.

The site has a convenient search option, and purchasers can find medicines for their conditions with no extra effort. Site visitors can use both a short and a long list of remedies. I was particularly interested in checking the availability of erectile dysfunction cures, such as Viagra, Levitra and Cialis. I discovered these remedies, and they were labeled ones, made by world famous producers. The distributor mentioned that these cures cost less on this site than at other drugstores, and this made me interested in their prices.

The detail I learnt was that the dealer sold Viagra only by eight pills. The price of the package depended on the amount of the active ingredient and ranged from $72 for eight 50 mg tablets to $78 for 100 mg ones. There were different packs of Cialis available. Four tablets of 20 mg Cialis cost approximately $90, and twenty-eight tablets of 5 mg one cost $190. Four pills of 10 mg Levitra could be bought for $48 when I last checked, while the same quantity of 20 mg cure cost $85. You can see that these remedies are not the least expensive ones you can find, but compared to the prices at offline pharmacies these prices are reasonable.

The cost of delivery does not depend on the weight of a parcel and it is twenty dollars for all of them. Packages are delivered via Express Mail Service. They are sent out two days after the payment has been made and the time of delivery is from one week to ten days. There is only one money transfer method allowed – customers can pay with credit cards.

As far as I understood from the statements on the website, the drugstore does not accept medicines back and it does not give financial reimbursement to customers. Thus, I suggest that you consult the site’s support to clarify these issues, because the data on the site is not detailed. Customer care service can be reached through the form on the website, and it is a single way of getting in touch with the company. The drugstore suggests that you will get an answer from client support representatives within a day after sending in your question.

Feedback on the Dealer

I researched the website and found multiple feedback from customers who were happy with the drugstore’s work and qualitative pharmacological goods.

Feedback from the client, dating back to summer 2014, was very positive. This lady stated that she could buy the medicine at a much lower price than at the drugstore in her city. She said that customer service representatives were polite and provided her with wonderful service.

Other buyers from the United States were also satisfied with this merchant because of adequate prices. They also mentioned that the treatment of client care crew was great and they were served very well. They thought it was the advantage of the company.

A physician from the United States, who left a comment in 2015, emphasized that it was the price of cures that had attracted her to the site in the first place. She believed that this drugstore offered medicines at a substantially lower cost than the stores she usually shopped from.

I was pleased to find this complimentary feedback on the dealer’s website, but I did not think it was sufficient. I was suspicious that these reviews could have been written by the employees of the company, and external feedback would have been more helpful, in my opinion. I always look for unbiased reviews on alternative resources, but I did not find any this time.

Feedback on the Intermediary in 2016

I discovered that the firm’s site contained feedback on particular medical goods, and these reviews turned out to be up-to-date. The site claimed that they were left by authorized buyers. One of the clients gave the site the highest rating and praised the level of its service. He mentioned that he would like to order more cures from this drugstore.

Feedback from another person was also favorable, because he also granted the site the best grade possible and stated that he suggested using this website to other people.

I did not stop my research at that point, and I proceeded to Scam Adviser, where I always find the answers regarding the sites’ legitimacy. This resource estimated that the drugstore’s website was half-safe – its rating of safety was only forty-nine percent. The site also contained threats and malware and could be dangerous. According to Scam Adviser, the website had existed for more than nine years, just like it claimed, and it was based in Israel.

Discounts Provided by the Merchant

I looked carefully, but I did not see any coupon codes or other discounts on the pharmacy’s website. No free delivery offers were available as well, and I believe that the site’s marketing team should work on these issues better. Discounts and coupon codes are capable of engaging more customers.


The main reason why I am cautious about using this pharmaceutical resource is that it is not allowed to sell cures to the customers in Israel. I find this strange and not logical. I did not encounter any explanation regarding this fact on the website. Another factor which is not positive is the absence of feedback on external websites. I could only find reviews on the drugstore’s own site, and this is not enough to prove the quality of its goods and services. I believe that independent reviews are more trustworthy, but unfortunately, I did not succeed in finding them.

The positive aspect of this dealer is that it was honest about its location and the time of operation. Other drugstores often conceal this information, thus it was nice to discover that the merchant was truthful. In terms of grades, I grant this merchant a grade of two out of five. The disadvantages I have described above are the causes for that. I believe it is dangerous to order from this website, but you can certainly do that if you want to take a chance. If I were you, I would be careful and would not order many cures at a time, just to ensure that purchase and delivery processes go smoothly. Remember, that you cannot return goods once you have bought them and you will not get your money back. Please, be attentive, and use this site only if you are willing to take a risk.

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