How Long Does Prednisone Stay in your System?

How Long Does Prednisone Stay in your System?

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The Usage and Effects of Prednisone

Let me dwell upon Prednisone and the impact of this medicament on the body. This cure is a synthetic corticosteroid, transformed by the liver into prednisolone. The aim of using this remedy is the therapy of skin diseases, for instance, eczema, psoriasis, allergies and dermatitis. Some breathing problems, for example, asthma, are also cured by this substance. The cure prevents inflammation and makes the immune system stronger. The patients should be careful using this drug and it is best to consume it under the doctor’s supervision. Physicians do not suggest ceasing to consume the remedy all of a sudden, because it can lead to unwanted consequences.

How Long Does Prednisone Remain in the Body?

The semi-digestion time of prednisolone, the major component of Prednisone, varies from three to four hours. After that time half of the cure will be gone from the organism. It normally takes from sixteen to twenty-two hours for the essence to be fully released from the body, after the ultimate dosage has been ingested. The discharge of medicament can take a longer period, for example, a week, if big doses of the remedy have been taken, if a patient has been consuming the drug chronically or if he has a liver sickness. Body mass, age, urinary acidity and the food a person has been eating also impact the speed of the remedy’s clearance. It also matters whether a patient has been drinking much water – if so, the cure will leave the body faster.

The traces of Prednisone can be found in the blood, urine, sweat, breast milk and hair follicles. Prednisolone reaches is maximum concentration in the blood in one to two hours after the utilization. The cure will definitely be detected in your bloodstream if you undergo the blood examination within that time period. The metabolites of the remedy will be found in the urine when the two hours have passed and until the cure has been fully excreted. The remedy will be discovered in the hair follicles during up to three months after the ultimate consumption. The hair test is a good way to find out when the last intake of the cure happened. Very low percentages of the stimulant can be tracked in saliva. Urine test is the most trustworthy and often used one, as it shows the decomposition products of Prednisone for a much longer time, in comparison to other tests.

Which Conditions Influence the Speed of Prednisone’s Clearance?

Age is a primary factor influencing the speed of the remedy’s discharge from the body. Since the kidneys of younger people work much better than the ones of older patients, the cure will be eliminated from younger users’ systems much quicker. The bodies of elderly people can metabolize the cure for over twenty-four hours.

The level of urine acidity is also critical for the cure’s clearance – the more acidic the urine is, the quicker the pharmaceutical will be gone from the body. Obviously, the patients applying big doses of the drug should expect that it will linger in their systems for a long time, because of lengthy absorption and consequent postponed discharge. If the remedy has been consumed simultaneously with the meal, this will suspend its digestion and release. In case a person has eaten before consuming the remedy, the cure’s absorption will take approximately twelve hours.

Certain medicaments activate the enzyme catalyzing the digestion of Prednisone, and therefore their intake makes the remedy’s transformation and clearance faster. Various antifungal cures, for instance, Itraconazole and Ketoconazole, and specific antibiotics induce the activity of this enzyme and stimulate faster removal of Prednisone. On the other hand, the cures treating increased blood pressure can suppress the work of this enzyme, and their consumption causes slower metabolism of the drug.

It matters when the ultimate dose of the remedy was taken. If you consume the medicament before you go to sleep, it will stay in your organism for a longer time, because the metabolism is slower at night. Thus, if you would like the medicament to be out of your system faster, it is better to take it during the day.

Such factors as the health of kidneys and the speed of metabolism also impact the length of the remedy’s stay in the system. If the cure has been taken persistently for a substantial period of time, its clearance from the body may take more than a week.

What Do I Do if I Want Prednisone Out of My Body Faster?

If you would like for the remedy to be gone from your system quicker, you might want to recede its usage gradually. Remember, that instant refusal from Prednisone can be harmful to your health. Reduce the doses of the cure’s intake during several days under the doctor’s supervision. If you do that, you will have no trouble ceasing to use the medicament.

Ingesting much water and consuming acidic products are also beneficial methods of speeding up the Prednisone clearance. You also want to avoid eating alkaline foods, because they make the digestion of the cure slower. It is best not to eat grapefruits and pomegranates if you want the remedy to be out of your system quicker. Ask your doctor about the volume of water you need to drink and the regime of its intake to ensure quick excretion of Prednisone.


Prednisone is the medicament you might want to use if you are treating allergic dermatitis and breathing problems. The major ingredient of this essence is prednisolone, which helps to fight inflammation and to make one’s immune system stronger. This component is excreted from the body with the help of kidneys, and urine tests are the most reliable ones to track the presence of this element in the system. Half of the drug is normally gone from the body in two to four hours after the intake. Complete discharge of Prednisone from the system happens in six hours after the intake at the earliest, and the longest time of excretion can be roughly twenty-four hours. In rare cases the discharge of the medicament from the body can take about a week. This happens if the drug has been consumed steadily in substantial doses. Make sure to give your body enough liquid and to consume acidic foods if you want to clear your system from the drug faster.

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