HealthWarehouse Overview – Trustworthy Drugstore Based in the US

I came across the website when I was looking to purchase some remedies on the Internet. I hope that my experience of using this online pharmacy will help you decide whether you should use it or not.

HealthWarehouse is an online drugstore administered by the Government of the United States. It is located in Cincinnati metropolitan area. The website attracts many clients. The pharmaceutical goods this pharmacy trades are authorized by Food and Drug Administration. Thus, they can be officially sold in the United States. I believe, it is the primary advantage of this dealer.

The aim of running this enterprise is selling Rx drugs and providing high class service. I did some research to see if this merchant was able to save the customers’ trust and to keep up the level of services.

This pharmacy obtains multiple remedies from the pharmaceutical plants and markets them directly to clients. It allows buying medicines without the interference of mediators. For this reason the price of medications is almost three times lower than the one offered by competitors. It is also appealing that this drugstore provides clients with various discounts to make buying even easier.

Healthwarehouse is a verified Internet pharmacy, and many customers choose to buy general medicines from it. I have found out that this enterprise has worked with approximately 170 thousand original consumers. It also did its best to meet the clients’ needs and to solve any problems customers had. It is notable that the drugstore has won the award for excellence given by BizRate.

Speaking of the feedback about the company, the reviews are of different nature. There are some consumers who are extremely happy with the goods and shipment. There are also people who have complained of not receiving their orders and not getting money back.

The website provides a refilling system of orders. I was puzzled as to how it should be used, so I contacted their live chat support representative. Nobody was online at that moment. I was suggested to call the company’s telephone number. My phone call was answered instantly and I had all my queries answered.

I believe that the advantage of this service is that it delivers the orders solely to genuine addresses in the USA. The client gets a number for tracking his order. The cost of delivery is almost $12 for UPS shipment. It takes up to one week for the purchase to be delivered. The website states that the goods can be returned to the company within three months. This applies to non-recipe medications.

Feedback on HealthWarehouse

I wanted to look at the reviews from customers to see if they were satisfied with the website’s work. No matter how much I looked, I only found good feedback about this enterprise. I even thought that it was too good to be true. The pharmacy appeared to have a 99% trust rating. I ran into several negative reviews, however, I believe that the customers’ misfortunes happened due to their own inattentiveness.

In 2015, one of the clients wrote that she was amazed with the website’s service. She declared that her order had been shipped almost immediately. She was lucky to get her tablets very quickly, because she was running out of them. The lady also stated that she would advise this site to everyone.

Another user praised the client care service of the pharmacy. He reported that customer representatives were kind and ready to solve his issues. His medications were delivered one day prior to the set date. This customer had been buying from the drugstore for a long time, and if there were some mistakes in orders, they were corrected fast.

A different person shared his satisfaction with the pharmacy’s work as well. His prescription had always been filled perfectly. He also stated that the prices were affordable, and his physician’s instruction was processed promptly.

I also found more positive reviews about the site’s customer service, shipment and the medications themselves. Some clients mentioned that they constantly returned to this merchant.

Feedback on the Pharmacy in 2016

After seeing so much positive feedback, I was eager to find out if the website’s reputation was steady. I ran into other reviews from happy consumers, written in 2016. They claimed that it was the best drugstore they had ever bought from. One of the clients even stated that they were so kind as to transfer his prescription from a different seller, instead of asking for a new one.

The lady, satisfied with the pharmacy’s service, wrote that her physician had suggested using this drugstore. She was happy with the time of delivery and promised to return to the store again.

Another person accounted for his whole family and said that they were all satisfied with this dealer. He emphasized the appealing prices of remedies and prompt delivery.

It occurred to me, that the website must have introduced even better policies lately, because the number of happy clients was growing.

Coupon Codes at the Drugstore

I was intrigued to see whether this online warehouse had any pleasant discount offers. It turned out that there were cost reductions. At times all medications dropped twenty percent off, and several times a year free worldwide delivery was offered. I have been constantly monitoring pharmaceutical websites, and I can assure you that Healthwarehouse is one of the few dealers, presenting customers with regular discounts. For instance, I have noticed a ten percent discount on prescribed medications here. At the time of my research, the clients could get five and ten percent off if the cost of their purchase reached a certain level.


I have come up with the conclusion that this online dealer is a legitimate and trustworthy one. It has a good reputation and sells goods authorized by Food and Drug Administration. This drugstore is licensed in the United States. As you could see, the feedback from clients was mostly positive. It is also great that the prices are appealing, and there are excellent deals to save money, such as coupon codes. There were some negative comments about the shipment of medicines, but let us remember that no company is perfect. I am giving this online merchant a rate of five out of five. I strongly suggest using this resource, and I believe you will not regret doing it! It is a good idea to buy a single medication and a package of remedies from this seller.

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