Fildena Review – Negative Impact Revealed

I would like to examine Sildenafil citrate – the medicine which aims to cure a male health problem, specifically weak potency or its absence. This unpleasant disorder makes it impossible for men to have erection to be able to perform a sexual act. The effect of the remedy in focus is based on increasing the blood supply to male reproductive organ. No studies have confirmed that Sildenafil affects women the same way. Another known impact of the cure is decreasing blood pressure in the vessels, and it is especially useful for people who suffer from high pressure in the arteries of lungs.

Fildena is the labeled name of Sildenafil, while the latter is a general name of this remedy. In this article I am going to study Fildena produced in India by Fortune Healthcare enterprise. This firm started its operation at the end of 1980’s and it is a wide-known and authorized one. It gained its popularity because of producing the general version of Viagra, which is considerably cheaper than its labeled analogue. Besides Viagra, the firm issues hundreds of other medical goods, and forty of the ones are certified in the Philippines. The company works towards legalizing its other cures in other countries of Asia.

Feedback of Users on Fildena

I was lucky to discover plenty of positive commentaries about this remedy. Apparently, the majority of consumers were happy with the drug, emphasizing its good impact on their health and its adequate price.

One of the buyers, whose opinion I read, was happy with the good’s price and quality. He mentioned that he only needed half of the tablet to reach the promised result, but there was also a drawback to the product – this person felt headache after taking the medicine and he also had a runny nose sometime after that.

Another purchaser shared his satisfaction with the remedy and said that all he needed to improve his state was one tablet. Thus, he did not see any difference between this product and the ones produced by world-famous companies.

I also read the feedback from the store’s administrator, and she stated that this cure was sold very well compared to other erectile dysfunction remedies. The lady was persuaded that their consumers were content with the treatment results.

Continuing my research, I encountered other opinions on Fildena and found out that its impact was fast and it tasted well. These were the words of a thirty year old man who was happy with his choice of the remedy. In his review he wrote that the effect of the tablet was quicker than the one of its analogues, and the appearance and flavor of the cure also exceeded his expectations. The man indicated that it was understandable why so many people liked this medical good.

Summing up the customers’ feedback I can say that Fildena seems to be as qualitative as labeled Viagra and it does not defer to it in terms of impact. Many consumers have noticed that just half of the tablet can be used to achieve a good effect, that is why this drug is a strong one.

The Cost and Dose of the Cure

Tablet dosages of the remedy are 25 and 100 mg. The price of a heavier tablet is a little more than three dollars for one pill, and there are sets of ten pills available.

Most doctors prescribe to take 50 mg of a remedy one time a day one hour before the sexual intercourse. The minimum dose to apply is twenty-five mg a day, and the maximum one is one hundred mg. The time when it is best to take a pill ranges from half an hour to four hours before the anticipated act.

It is recommended that aged people take no more than one 25 mg tablet an hour before the intercourse, one time a day. Please, do not exceed this dosage to avoid health problems. You should also be attentive if you have liver or kidneys diseases. It is a good decision to consult your doctor before taking this medication in case of such maladies.

Acquiring the Remedy on the Internet

The medication is available on many pharmaceutical sites, and it is not a problem to find it. I advise that you pay attention before buying the drug – watch out for rogue medical websites which can potentially supply you with a bad quality product. You can never be too careful when it comes to your health, so study the site you are going to buy from thoroughly and read the users’ reviews.

Medication Usage

You can start with the dosage of 50 mg, and please, make sure not to take more than that during the day, if the doctor does not instruct you otherwise. It can happen that you are allergic to Sildenafil or related cures, and it is always a good idea to check your health with your healthcare specialist first, before taking the drug. Take the remedy no later than forty-five to thirty minutes before the sexual act, and keep in mind that for the erectile effect to take place, intimate stimulation will be needed.

Negative Impact of the Cure

According to the patients’ feedback, headache is on top of the list of the most frequent unwanted effects of the drug. Sometimes patients also have stomach or eyesight problems, particularly unclear vision. Some people suffer from being light-headed or from having the symptoms of the cold. For these reasons it is best to avoid performing the activities which require high concentration.

The rare negative effects are skin problems, allergies, fastened heart rhythm, muscle pain, excessive desire to drink, blood in the ejaculate, etc. It is possible that you will get rid of the symptoms if you keep on taking the medicine, but if they do not go away, please, consult your doctor.

If using a drug results in heart pain or if you already have some heart problems, quit taking the medicine and call your physician all at once.


The examination I have conducted shows that Fildena is a renowned medicine, because many people have left positive comments about it. It is not less effective than labeled Viagra, and its price is more appealing. A good result can be reached by taking just a small dosage of the medication, and this tells me that the quality of Sildenafil used in this medicine is high. If the medicine was not qualitative patients would need much bigger doses to achieve the coveted outcome. I believe this drug is authentic and it is safe to consume it.

It comforts me that the Indian company producing this remedy is ISO certified and sells drugs internationally. This means that this manufacturer is a responsible one and can be trusted.

The feedback from the patients is mostly positive, even though the remedy does cause certain negative side effects. I suggest that the recommended dose never be exceeded, and this will help to decrease the possible bad impact.

I give this cure the grade of four out of five because of its good reputation and agreeable prices, and I believe you will not be disappointed if you try using it.

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