Examination of Safemeds4all.com – Cheap Offers Can Be Delusive

I decided to examine the online pharmacy Safemeds4all.com to see whether it was reasonable to buy medicines from this retailer. This online drugstore promised to make the clients happy because of affordable products. The site seemed to be a little messy to me. Capital letters were used improperly in the headings, and this fact made me doubt the trustworthiness of this website. I found that there were other mistakes in the further text, so I thought about the possibility of the site’s not being authentic.

The firm is situated in Canada, according to the information on the website. My own research located their IP in the state of California, though. I could see that the data had gone through the proxy server. This makes the legitimacy of this pharmacy questionable, I believe.

The medications offered by this drugstore are certified by US Food and Drug Administration. Browsing through the website, I encountered all sorts of medicines, from the ones treating cancer to the ones intensifying the loss of weight. The prices turned out to be unbelievably low. One can buy as many as 48 pills of generic Viagra for only $55, and one hundred pills of generic Levitra for just $96. The generosity of the pharmacy made me very suspicious.

Clients can receive the medications they ordered in any country, thus, the geography of delivery is wide. Free express mail is ready to deliver purchases to any location. The time of delivery ranges from one to two weeks. The website claims that customers can pay solely with Visa cards. Security software encodes the data provided by the clients.

This online pharmacy appears to have strong customer support. There is a form for the clients to submit their questions on the website. Customer care is also available through telephone and fax. It is too bad that clients cannot use live chat to have their queries resolved. I personally tried to reach the customer representatives over the phone, however, I did not get to speak to them live. I was only offered to leave a message.

The company provides refund for unsatisfactory service within a month. They even claim to reimburse the cost of return delivery.

Feedback on Safemeds4all

Checking out the feedback about this pharmacy will help us evaluate the quality of its work. The opinions of users I have found confirm the advantages of the firm. People, who used this drugstore, praise their client service. I tested it and got no reply, so I do not share this opinion.

The customer from the United States declares that he is happy with the client service and the affordable prices. Another lady points out the possibility of delivery tracking and the good quality of medicines. She claims to be a regular client of this pharmacy. There is also feedback from the gentleman, who has gotten his purchase within a week and thinks very highly of the service.

Feedback about the Pharmacy in 2017

I found out that the new clients were appreciative and had a positive opinion about the service too. I am still unconvinced in the trustworthiness of this website, though. The customers admire the service so much, that it is hard to believe that this information is true.

This drugstore’s website has the up-to-date reviews, left in 2016. The clients claim that the company delivers medicines to any locations in the world and does it for free. One customer emphasizes that this website has made his life worth living. This is a significant compliment, and I am not sure what his reasons were to say that. Another user writes that product shipment is extremely quick on this website. It is also possible to learn where the delivery currently is, according to him.

The official pharmacy website was the only source of feedback I was able to find. It puts me on guard, because such reviews could have been left by the website operators themselves. They could simply want to attract customers. It is my goal to find some reviews on alternative websites. I am only going to believe the feedback, which is not connected to this website directly. I think it is more fair and does not aim to increase selling.

Discount Coupon Codes for Safemeds4all

This pharmacy’s website gives many opportunities to save money. It provides various discounts in the form of coupon codes. For instance, one can get a five percent discount with the help of the coupon code on the main page. This price reduction does not appear to have any pitfalls. There is not much data about it on the website, so I am not completely sure of it.

The drugstore also provides a ten percent discount for the users purchasing medications repeatedly. There is still no more data available about this offer, aside from the advertisement.

Perhaps, you will be able to find out more about these opportunities, if you get in touch with client support representatives.


My overall opinion about this online pharmacy is not completely positive. It is hard to believe that their low prices are true, as they are different from the ones other dealers offer. My experience also shows that customer care of this drugstore does not react fast. The website claims to deliver medications to any destination around the world. Considering all these facts, I would give this online store a grade of three out of five. What keeps me doubtful is the lack of data about this company anywhere on the Internet. I was not able to find feedback about the site in other places. However, the limited information I did find outside the official website, confirmed the positive reviews.

Thus, I cannot suggest using this website. They seem legitimate and their costs are wonderful, however, I still need to clarify many issues before I can trust them.

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