Examination of Medsmex.com – the Site Sending Out Incorrect Medications

I would like to make my readers acquainted with the online drugstore called Medsmex.com. This site has been in operation since 1999, and it works from Mexico. The Internet security of this website is provided by Norton. It is a rare occasion for the websites of this type. The interface of this online dealer is easy to navigate. I have found out that there is a genuine enterprise, Medications Mexico, standing behind this online drugstore. The website receives the medicines it trades from this pharmaceutical merchant. All the cures undergo the inspection at the customs, so their import and export are fully lawful.

Medsmex.com Review

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The drugstore sells medicines, authorized by the Food and Drug Administration. They are both labeled and the ones of general use. The pharmacy states that purchasers do not have to provide the doctor’s recipe to buy medications. It is assumed that they will only use them for their personal needs. The online dealer emphasizes that the site operators cannot suggest using or not using specific medications, since they do not have a pharmaceutical education. For this reason, clients are fully responsible for making their decisions regarding purchases and medication dosages.

The list of medications is not convenient to look through, in my opinion, because drugs appear in the alphabetic order, and not by their category. I would call this distinction from other medical websites a disadvantage. The website provides data about multiple cures, however, not all of them are mentioned online. If customers want to receive fuller information as to the items’ availability, they need to contact customer support. Customer representatives will let them know if there are more remedies at the physical warehouse.

I have spotted different kinds of erectile dysfunction medications on the website. General Viagra, or Sildenafil, was available for $49. This was the price for ten 50 mg pills. Four 100 mg pills of labeled Viagra from Pfizer cost $114. I could not find any kinds of Generic Tadalafil on the site. Fourteen 5 mg tablets of the most affordable Cialis from Lilly cost $149 at this pharmacy.

Speaking of delivery, the cost of a fast one is almost $25 for any number of medications. The time of delivery varies from one to four weeks.

Clients can pay with electronic checks, the most popular credit cards, as well as Money Gram transfers. The reimbursement policy of this drugstore is solid. The customers get complete refund if their orders do not reach them. Repeated shipment is possible if a client chooses to order again due to delivery failure.

The company provides two email addresses the clients can write to, if they have questions. There is also a telephone number to call, but there is no live chat support option.

Consumer Feedback on Medsmex

I have found the reviews on this enterprise on an external website, showing the ratings of resellers. The majority of clients had a good opinion about the service, however, there was one negative review. The dissatisfied customer wrote that this pharmaceutical site was fraudulent. He claimed that he had ordered one medication, but received a different one instead. He also mentioned that he did not get an answer to his complaint.


Up-to-date feedback on the work of the site is positive. Most of the reviewers gave this pharmacy the highest grade. The customer, who used the site at the end of 2014, claimed that he had been buying from it for many years. He said that the delivery never failed and its quality was always perfect. He added that this drugstore had the most appealing prices of all the online dealers he had been using.

The person, who wrote the review in 2015, stated that he had been purchasing from this merchant for more than a decade. He testified that he received his mailings regularly. There was never anything missing from his purchases. He was also happy with client care employees, who always answered his inquiries.

In my opinion, the most current feedback matters more than older one. Of course, I paid attention to the unfavorable review, but I did not base my conclusion only on it. Thus, I decided to look into the reviews given in 2016.

Feedback on the Pharmacy in 2016

Here is what I have found out after checking the reviews written in 2016. The results of my research were distressing.

In February, 2016, the user named this online drugstore a deceptive one. He gave it the lowest rating. The reason for that was his receiving the tablets for pregnant women, instead of the ones he had ordered. So, he lost almost $240. The angry client said that he was made to wait for approximately two weeks. Later, he was informed that the items he needed were not in stock. I do not know whether the website corrected the mistake of delivering wrong goods. The user did not leave comments regarding that.

I also came across another review, dating back to May, 2016. The client also evaluated the website’s service as one out of five points. This person similarly received the incorrect remedy. He stated that he had attempted to contact the site’s support. Unfortunately, nobody replied to him. There was no reaction from the website even when the customer suggested re-ordering the goods.

I have checked this pharmacy with Scam Adviser to see its trust rating. Surprisingly, one was sixty-three percent, or above average. Still, this does not persuade me of this pharmacy’s credibility. It is strange enough that the purchasers received wrong items in their deliveries. It is also alarming that the website did not admit its mistakes and did not offer any reimbursement for the poor service.

Coupon Codes on Medsmex.com

I saw the coupon codes on this website, presenting thirty and forty percent cost reduction to buyers. However, these offers were not recent. I have not found any up-to-date information about coupons.


At first, I had a good impression about this online merchant because of its pleasant interface and Norton accreditation. Older feedback from customers also convinced me that this site was trustworthy and provided decent service.

Nevertheless, I have changed my opinion about this dealer, since its delivery practices and customer care appear to be appallingly bad. The positive side is that clients still get the deliveries, however, their contents are not what they expected. Besides, the pharmacy fails to express its regret about such deliveries. It does not even answer the queries defrauded customers send. I would not order from such a website. I believe the risk is high that I will get wrong items, instead of saving on medications. Even though the site has numerous positive reviews, I do not wish to give it a high grade. I believe that up-to-date negative feedback outweighs the good one, so I am giving the pharmacy the rate of one out of five. This dealer tricks the people into wasting their money. It does not make up for the losses, so I believe that this low grade is fully deserved.

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