Examination of Canadadrugpharmacy.com – Authentic Pharmacological Intermediary

In my search of common and affordable medications I ran into Canadadrugpharmacy.com website. I believe that online traders like this can be beneficial for consumers, because the prices they offer differ greatly from the ones at off-line drugstores. I am sure that Canadian buyers need some reasonable options to choose from, and the website in focus can be one of the opportunities to save for them.

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The analysis I have conducted tells me that this merchant is not actually a drugstore, but it is an intermediary, referring consumers to pharmacies. I found out that it had been working since early 2000’s. The entity is located in Canada, as we can understand from its name. The intermediary is authorized by pharmaceutical associations and its medical products are licensed by Food and Drug Administration. This fact makes me think highly of this merchant, because it must be trustworthy. The remedies this service stores are brought from such countries as the UK, Canada, the USA, India, New Zealand and Australia.

You can buy both prescribed and not prescribed remedies from this dealer. It is convenient to search the site, because it contains the list of medications in the alphabetical order, and you can also enter the name of the remedy you are looking for. The aim of my search was finding male health cures, specifically the ones against erectile dysfunction. I wanted to have them at an appealing price, or, perhaps, to find their no-label substitutes. I typed in the first letters of medication names and found several remedies to consider.

Let us take a look at the prices I discovered. Four 100 mg pills of labeled Viagra came at the price of sixty-seven dollars. The general analogue of this remedy, Sildenafil, containing the same amount of the active ingredient could be bought for forty-three dollars. The brand version of Cialis, four pills weighing 10 mg, was available for eighty dollars, while the general substitute cost thirty-three dollars. Four 10 mg pills of brand Levitra were sold for almost seventy dollars, and no-label Vardenafil came at the price of forty dollars. You can see that there was a noticeable difference in the prices of labeled and general cures.

I noticed that the medicines were sold only after the patient provided a recipe from the physician. I believe it is positive, because remedies will not be misused this way.

Speaking of the ways of payment customers could use, I saw that there were money orders, electronic check and credit card options offered. Keep in mind, that you cannot immediately pay with your credit card, as the intermediary only allows doing this after your third purchase. In my opinion, it is not convenient, and this nuance may scare away some clients.

The cost of delivery is ten dollars for one order, and purchases can be delivered by usual post. The time of such shipment varies from one week to almost two weeks, if the client is from Canada. If the client places an international order, the time of delivery will be up to almost three weeks. Large boxes will require extra payment.

As for the contact information, the dealer provided two free telephone and fax numbers and an email address. The site did a good job of adding a live chat feature, because it enables consumers to get fast answers to their inquiries. I was informed through live chat that the merchant did not reimburse the cost of lost or damaged medications.

Feedback on the Intermediary

Looking through the site, I did not find any customer feedback or even the section for it. Then I decided to surf the web in search of any reviews on this dealer. I was happy to come across some feedback on external sources. The information they contained was contradictory. One of the reviewers was very happy with the work of the merchant and claimed to be their loyal client. He stated that he was able to find the most acceptable prices and save a great sum of money on this site. He was also lucky to order some general medications internationally, because they could not be found in America. According to him, client care representatives were so kind as to remind him about renewing his medical recipes. This person gave the site a grade of five out of five.

The opinion of another client was opposite. He claimed that his experience with this site was negative and he had trouble placing an order. He believed that the site of this merchant was fraudulent, and he was extremely unhappy with the service. The grade he gave the seller was just one out of five. This customer was angry, claimed that client care employees were unavailable, and suggested others never to order from this dealer.

I was confused after reading such conflicting feedback, and I did not know what to think. The only explanation I had was that the reviews were placed at a totally different time. The negative one was written in 2012, and the positive one was left in 2015. I believe this means that the intermediary upgraded its work over three years and started to perform better. This can happen after a company gains some experience. In any case, I was not satisfied with finding just two customer opinions, and I continued my search.

The Company’s Position in 2017

I did not see any feedback on the merchant left in 2016. After consulting Scam Advisor, I learnt that the website was insecure, because its genuine location was not given out to customers. Research on Scam Advisor showed that the enterprise was situated in Barbados in the Caribbean, and not in Canada or the United States. I was surprised with this fact. Another interesting piece of information is that the quantity of this site’s visitors is small, thus, its popularity is low.

Discount Options the Merchant Offers

As usually, I checked the website to see if there were any coupon codes or cost reductions advertised. I knew that smart companies always had various discounts to attract customers. The inviting opportunity I found was a ten percent discount for the users of the phone application. This is something I did not encounter on other websites.


Using Internet drugstores or intermediaries can be either beneficial or harmful for buyers. Everything depends on the excellence of the merchant’s services. Sometimes the quality of remedies can be low, or they can even be false ones and not genuine.

At first, this particular site gave me the impression of a reliable one, because I could see that it was certified by renowned medical enterprises, and I thought it was secure. I also enjoyed searching information on this merchant’s site, because the menu was easy to use, the search bar was available, and the representatives of the company could be reached on live chat quickly. Unfortunately, the feedback was inconsistent, even though it was found on the external source. There were only two comments from purchasers, and it was hard to form an opinion based on them. I do not know why one of the clients was so happy with the service, while the other one was totally upset. I still think that the work of the merchant could have progressed over time, thus I will not be harsh in my conclusions.

The fact that the website is operated from Barbados, and not from Canada or the USA, is alarming, because it contradicts the name of the site. The positive side of this merchant is that remedies are not sold to people who do not have instructions from physicians. It is a sensible approach, I believe. Scam Advisor shows that not many clients attend this dealer’s site.

Taking into account all this data, I give the merchant the grade of three out of five. I think it has much space for improvement, but it is not absolutely untrustworthy either. Please, feel free to form your own opinion about this service, just be careful when using it.

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3 thoughts on “Examination of Canadadrugpharmacy.com – Authentic Pharmacological Intermediary

  1. LOGAN says:

    I order here for a couple of years and always all orders processed without problems and delays. Before that, I worked with another network, but there it was always the same – your order was not collected and it could be tomorrow, etc., there was not such a thing in two years.

  2. LUCAS says:

    Excellent pharmacy. I ordered delivery to the house. We got in touch quickly, we were on the next day. Thank you. I was satisfied.

  3. MASON says:

    I liked the pharmacy. He also applied directly to the pharmacy and ordered courier delivery. Delivery is also not disappointed.

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