Examination of Bigmountaindrugs.com – the Online Pharmaceutical Mediator

I have examined the Canadian online pharmacy Bigmountaindrugs.com. This mediator in the pharmaceutical industry sells cures from cancer, infections, angina, ADHD and others. The drugstore is certified by the International Pharmaceutical Association. This ensures the trustworthiness of the medicines the dealer trades. The pharmacy wants you to show a corresponding instruction from the doctor prior to ordering medications. The cures are very costly. For example, general Viagra can be bought for $7 from this seller.

Speaking of payment methods, customers can use their Visa and Master cards. They can also send in their personal checks and transfer money internationally. When sending in money orders, clients have to put the name of another company, “Candrug”. I believe this means that this merchant is a subsidiary of a different online enterprise.

Clients can contact the call center at a free telephone number, if they have any concerns or inquiries. When I dialed the number myself, I was answered quickly, which shows good service. You can also forward your question to the company through email.

Cures are distributed to clients from the drugstores in India, Singapore and Canada. I did not see any data about priority delivery on the site. The price of shipment is $10 and it takes from one to three weeks to receive the order. There is no reimbursement for the products bought, and you cannot return them to the dealer if something is wrong.

Feedback on the Pharmacy

I have carefully searched the Internet, but I did not find any reviews on this drugstore. This made me alarmed, because I was hoping to run into at least a couple of them. The consumers can only wonder about the work of this intermediary now. I believe that if this merchant was operating properly, there would have been some feedback, even negative one. I can make a conclusion that this site should not be trusted. You risk losing your money if you order from them, and I would not do that if I were you.

Reviews found in 2016

Strangely enough, I did not encounter any feedback for the last year either. This shows that the reputation of this seller did not improve. My ultimate decision was to check Scam Advisor to see if I could find any data about the pharmacy there. The results met my expectations. This resource showed that using the pharmacy was unsafe. I think the reason for that was the impossibility to estimate the actual location of the firm. The drugstore works from the United States, but the exact location is not specified. Scam Advisor gave 46% trust rating to this online seller. It emphasized that it could harm the customers. They can either lose their money or receive improper medications if they order from this site.

Coupon Codes at Bigmountaindrugs

There was data about discounts available on the official website of the pharmacy. Consumers can get five percent off if they order repeatedly from this dealer. This condition applies to all orders, no matter how much they are worth, except for the medications sold over the counter. The drugstore states that no other Canadian dealers have this kind of offer. I personally did not think that it was appealing, because I have encountered other pharmacies offering much more attractive discounts. I believe that this merchant should work on its discount policies, and this will draw more clients to it.


The advantage of this online drugstore is a wide variety of remedies offered. I like the fact that this website is recognized by CIPA and that it only sends out orders after seeing the instruction from a doctor. This way high quality of goods is guaranteed.

The medications this site provides are expensive and thus unavailable to the majority of clients. The payments are easy, because the firm accepts checks and credit cards. It is also good that there is a free number to dial if the customer encounters problems or has questions. There is no data about priority delivery, except for the fact that it costs $10 per order. There is also no financial reimbursement the consumers can have. The biggest disadvantage of this mediator is that the customers did not leave any reviews about it. For this reason we do not know whether we can trust this website. The location where the pharmacy is operated from is concealed, according to Scam Advisor, and the credibility rating is 46%. My choice is to give this drugstore a grade of three out of five. I give it a medium grade, because the lack of client reviews surprises me. The rest of the information looks more positive.

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