Examination of Aurapharm.com – Steroid Seller with Unfavorable Feedback

I studied Aurapharm.com, one of the drugstores selling steroids, and found out that it offered other types of medicines as well, for instance, the ones reducing weight and estrogen level, the ones providing the body with necessary microelements, and the ones for male and female health. My special area of interest were the remedies treating erectile dysfunction, so I checked if this store was a good place to buy them from.

The drugstore has been working since early 2000’s, and I figure that it has plenty of experience in trading medicines. According to the website, the merchant is located in one of the European countries. Rich assortment of cures is represented by various types of them, such as weight controllers, anti-inflammation ones, skin remedies, the ones treating depression and tobacco addiction, pain relievers, etc.

Like I have mentioned, I focused on the ones improving masculine health and researched their cost. It turned out that four pills of labeled 100 mg Viagra could be purchased for eighty dollars, while the same amount of Vigrande was available for twenty dollars. Two pills of labeled Cialis were sold for sixty dollars, and the price of 900 mg Lifta was forty dollars. It was interesting to run into Afilta and Vigrande at this store, because these remedies are not often encountered. The drugstore suggests that they are labeled medicines, and not general ones, thus they have higher efficiency. These cures are authorized by Food and Drug Administration, which ensures their safety. The notable and positive feature of this dealer is that it requires doctor’s instructions to be sent in by email or faxed. This tells me that remedies are not sold without recipes, which is the sign of professional approach. It is good to know that the merchant cares about the clients’ health.

The only possibility to get in touch with customer support crew is email, as I found out. There are two electronic addresses provided on the webpage, so I used one of them to send my inquiry. I was disappointed not to see the telephone number I could call or a live chat box I could use. Email is not the fastest way of communication, and I prefer to have my questions answered immediately over the phone or on chat.

The data I collected on the website did not explain how I could transfer my money to the store. To find out this information one has to contact the company, I assume. Speaking of delivery ways, packages are sent out via paid airmail, and they can be tracked. The price of such delivery is twenty dollars for the purchases costing less than $250. More expensive ones are shipped free of charge. It takes about one week to deliver medicines within Europe, while deliveries across the ocean take almost two weeks. The latter timing is true for the rest of locations as well. It was useful to learn that cures are not delivered to such countries, as Finland, Austria and Norway.

One of the advantages of this seller is that reimbursement is available if the quality of a medicine does not meet the client’s expectations. The firm suggests that buyers are rarely dissatisfied because all the cures sold here are original and qualitative.

Feedback on the Online Merchant

I did not encounter feedback from clients on the webpage, but I did find some comments on external pharmacological forums, focusing on steroids.

One of the forum users described his unfortunate experience of using this drugstore. He claimed that he had ordered Caber on this website and had even transferred the money for it, but he never heard from client care team and the product was never delivered. He did not receive any email or phone call, and the expected time of shipment had already passed, but he did not get the package. In a month he still got no information from the company, thus he was upset and suggested avoiding this drugstore by all means. He called this merchant deceptive and asked other buyers not to trust it.

I also checked the website providing reviews on pharmacies and found different feedback there, both positive and negative one. In 2015, one of the clients shared that his experience with this store was perfect and all of his four purchases went smoothly. He estimated that the goods were genuine and high-quality ones. Still, there was a contradictory opinion of another person on this site. At the beginning of 2014 the buyer wrote that he failed to receive the package ordered a month before and never heard from the store. He gave this seller a low grade, and I noticed that the grades given by users were diverse. Some of them were as high as four and five out of five, while other people gave low and medium grades.

Another forum I turned to showed a variety of reviews as well, some of them were good, and some customers were very unhappy. One of the buyers wrote that he was a loyal client of this enterprise and constantly bought from there. He claimed that he liked both labeled and general goods he had acquired. This person stated that he trusted the company more than other medical firms, sending out liquid cures. The customer mentioned that it took the drugstore a long time to deliver remedies, but he could understand that because they were sent from across the sea. According to this client, the disadvantage of the company is that it does not tell prospective buyers whether the remedy is in stock or not. This can be confusing, however the person suggests using this company’s service.

A more recent review on the same resource states that a person used to be a permanent client of this dealer and always got his orders, but something went wrong with the last package he had ordered. A month and a half passed, and the parcel was still not delivered, that is why the buyer was upset with the work of the drugstore that time.

We can see that the feedback is inconsistent, and customers consider the service of the drugstore either very good or very poor. The most common complaints are the absence of reaction from customer service and the length of delivery. My personal belief is that it is better not to trust the pharmacy causing such conflicting opinions. It is good that we have a chance to learn other people’s thoughts before buying from the dealer.

Feedback on the Seller in 2017

I decided to consult Scam Adviser to estimate the location of the site and to check its level of safety. According to this resource, the drugstore is located in Canada, but there is no exact address and there are signs of phishing. If the dealer is trustworthy, it never conceals its true location. The site is not frequently opened by clients, and Scam Adviser claims that it should not be trusted as it can be fraudulent.

Discounts and Coupon Codes on the Site

Upon checking the site, I did not see any price reductions, discount offers or special proposals for clients. There were no trial packs or free tablets. The only thing I consider a bonus is free delivery of the orders which cost more than $250. It is nice to be able to save on delivery if one buys expensive medicines or numerous ones.


I came to the conclusion that this website is not outstanding, even though it sells various medicines and their prices are affordable. I have noticed that many clients like the prices, but negative features of this pharmacy outweigh positive ones. The drugstore does not seem to be trustworthy, because the ways of payment are not listed and customer care is hard to get in touch with. We can see from the reviews that the company often does not call the clients back and does not notify them about the state of their orders. Most of the feedback I encountered was negative, and clients were unhappy because they did not get their cures for a long time and heard nothing from the company. Positive feedback was limited, and I dare to give this dealer the grade of two out of five. I do not think that using this drugstore is safe and I do not recommend doing it. It is best to search for erectile dysfunction medicines and steroids at dependable places, even if you have to pay more. This place is not reliable and I would not purchase from it.

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