Evaluation of Northwestpharmacy.com– Low Prices yet Belated Shipment

When I needed to find a substitute for my medicine, I turned to the website Northwestpharmacy.com. I checked this resource to see the assortment of products and the conditions of buying prior to ordering anything. Let us see which information I found.

The company operates from Canada. It provides prescribed remedies and the ones which can be sold to the customer directly. The drugstore is authorized by the International Pharmacy Association of Canada, and also the one of British Columbia. The website has the accreditation of Pharmacy Checker. This certifies that their medicines are approved by Food and Drug Association. The website sells medications produced in Europe, Asia, Canada and the USA. It is possible that the production facilities of labeled medicines are located outside Europe and the USA. A customer can order remedies from the United States once he has set up an account on this pharmaceutical website.

To purchase the Rx medications, a client needs to submit an up-to-date recipe from the doctor. He also has to fill out the forms before the order can be processed. Besides human medicines, the website offers cures for animals.

I specifically took a look at the drugs treating erectile dysfunction, and the prices for them are as follows. Four pills of prescribed 25 mg Viagra cost $33.5. Prescribed Cialis, containing 2.5 mg of the active substance, costs $32. This is the price of thirty tablets, including free delivery.

One can get ten pills of 10 mg Levitra, the prescription medication, for almost $66. Three containers of 5mcg Caverject cost almost $145.

It is significant to remember that you need to bring a recipe from your physician in order to acquire these Rx remedies.

Now let us examine the methods of payment customers can use. Clients can send in international money orders by regular mail. They can also pay with personal checks to the drugstore, sending them by email or fax, as well as via post.

International postal delivery is available for the cost of $10 per order. Mailing price does not depend on the quantity of drugs bought. Order processing takes approximately three business days, and delivery is conducted within one to three weeks after order placement. This seems to be quite a long time of shipment.

Speaking of the contact information, the vendor provides its email address and telephone numbers on the website. I did not see the option of live chat on the site, so I contacted customer support through email.

If the client is not happy after receiving the order, he can send it back within two weeks and get complete compensation. This is true for the unopened orders costing less than $500. If the purchaser opened the box, half of the item’s value will be reimbursed. The money will be added to the client’s account. Thus, sending in the items timely is significant for getting a refund.

The website’s prices seem to be within the limits of the government’s policy, which protects customers from excessively high prices.

Feedback on Northwestpharmacy

I have observed that this drugstore gathers client reviews through the Review Certificate and ShopperApproved rating. The number of verified users’ comments exceeds 220 thousands. It is the advantage of this site over the competitors.

The majority of customers were pleased with the dealer’s work. They tend to suggest using this drugstore to their acquaintances. Many users state that they would make further orders at this store, and are happy with the prices and quality of medications.

Some reviewers are still dissatisfied with the length of delivery and the work of company representatives. A buyer from the USA writes that one should use this merchant if the order is not urgent. He adds that the prices are lower than the ones at the US drugstore. Another user commented that the quality of tablets was good, but he wished he had received them sooner. This feedback was left in September, 2016.

There is also feedback on the alternative review site, called Trust Pilot. In 2015, the customers wrote that they were successful in using this website. One of the clients mentioned that he had been using the site for years. Understanding the rules of the store and complying with them is all it takes to succeed, according to him. Another customer was displeased with the dates of shipment. She claimed that the goods were delivered late, and that she was worried about her purchase.

Feedback in 2016

The customer, who left feedback in 2016, claimed that the firm had refused to return the money. Another client had a positive impression about their prices, however, wished for a faster delivery. He stated that he usually received his medications two weeks after placing the order.

All of the above shows that the site has a strong reputation and has been operating for a while. This pharmacy is officially accredited. There is enough feedback from customers, but its tone varies.

I decided to examine this website with the help of Scam Advisor. The results showed that the drugstore was worked from the United States and Canada, and that it had multiple visitors. Scam Advisor emphasized negative client feedback about the website and suggested paying attention to it.

The Store’s Coupon Codes

The discount available at this drugstore is free delivery for the orders, exceeding a particular price. Users can also get two, five or ten percent discounts if they share the information about the website in social media, such as Facebook, Google or Twitter.


Even though I was skeptical when I started my research on the website, I came to the conclusion that it was trustworthy. The site sells both prescription and no-recipe medications. When I was looking, general erectile dysfunction drugs were not in stock, unfortunately.

It is remarkable that a direction from one’s doctor is needed to obtain Rx medications. This fact takes the pharmacy to a high level of trust and genuineness. The team of pharmaceutical advisors of this company appears to be professional.

It was relieving to find external feedback on alternative websites, and not just on the pharmacy’s official resource. The nature of reviews varies. Most customers like the goods and their cost, and most of them also agree that mailing is very slow. I can conclude, that this drugstore is not suitable for the people who need their cures immediately. Based on this data, I give the pharmacy the rating of four, which is good. I believe that the quantity of the drugstores of this level should grow. This will raise customer satisfaction with healthcare services.

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