Drugs-1.com review: Online Pharmacy is not fake

Pharmacy Mall is a famous canadian company, that has few sites with different domain. Drugs-1.com is one of the official websites of this company. Pharmacy Mall was established in 1997. It is working for more than 20 years. It has over 1 million customers all over the world and sells only high quality medications.

Drugs-1.com review

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This website store has a big variety of meds. The chipest here are viagra and cialis. Their price start from 0.27$ and 0.68$ for a pill. Here are some drugs with the lowest prices on the internet.

Drugs-1.com review

Some drugs are marked as brand one. There is a small difference between brand-named and generic medications. Companies that are making pharmacy spend a lot of money on researches, tests and further advertisement of products. Brand firms own patents for this product and selling them like an exclusive one. After some time patent expires and other manufactures can allow themself to produce this type of medicine. And that’s what is called generic meds. As they don’t spend money for above things, there is no need for them to make a high price for drugs. And that’s why they are much cheaper than brand name medications. The main problem here is that not all generic drugs can’t pass requirements of a state, so not all of them match to FDA standards. Such pseudo medicine is usually a counterfeit. However, all generic drugs at Pharmacy Mall are FDA approved and are safety. www.drugs-1.com is also absent at the NABP not recommended sites. Generic meds can differ from the brand name drugs with shape and name, but an active ingredient, its dosage and side effects remain the same.

Drugs-1.com reviews


There are also different types of pills. You can find regular and soft pills on the website. The difference is much more bigger than in case of generic and brand meds. It is said that soft pills has differ zone of absorption, speed and duration of action. Soft pills are believed to be better than regular pills, so they work faster and have higher duration.

Unlike the other shops, оyou can easily order any meds from all over the world. You are able to order the prescription drugs without prescriptions, however website recommends you to take a doctor’s consultation before you order any of the meds.

If you are already ordered something at this website, you should know that your order will be processed during 24 hours. And just after buying a product you will recieve a letter to your email. This online pharmacy gives you an opportunity to order meds to almost any location of the world. There two possible ways of delivery: by airmail and by EMS courier. The difference is between the ways is in price and speed of delivery. For example, a few weeks delivery will cost you 10$, while few days delivery by EMS courier will cost you 20$. Sometimes delays can be occured. Usually it happens because of the accidents that are out of the program. If you get a damaged product, the pharmacy will resend you your gruds for free. You can also write to this online site and wait for a feedback or you can call them using the phone code of Canada (number is on the site).

All products can be bought with your credit card form any corner of the world.

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    I would like to thank the professional staff for fulfilling their duties with regard to clients and assistance with the selection of medicines. I will recommend you to acquaintance!

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    Faced the difficulties of finding a drug in many pharmacies, but fortunately, with you, I was able to order everything I needed. Thanks for the service and prompt delivery)

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