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This review will be helpful to you if you want to buy either generic or branded medications from the online drugstore. The online pharmacy I am going to examine today is called This company states that it was started in 2010 and has been around for six years. Nevertheless, I have checked this website with the services, warning about scam. They showed that the site was created a short time ago. Thus, it cannot be presently proficient in working with clients.
I have not been able to find the location of the firm on their website. Scam Advisor suggests that this enterprise is managed either from the United States or the Seychelles Islands. This online pharmacy sells numerous medications. They are the ones helping to lose weight, fight allergies, soothe pain, and the ones treating HIV, masculine dysfunction, loss of hair, etc. The site appears to be the place where one can buy anything one needs.
The medicines provided by this drugstore are approved by US Food and Drug Administration. The prices seem to be reasonable. They are different for various medications. For instance, one can obtain Cialis for 99 cents, and generic Sildenafil can be bought for 49 cents. Consumers can pay for medications by electronic checks, Bitcoin, Visa cards and bank transfers.
According to my research, medications are distributed by registered priority class airmail and express mail. The speed of delivery depends on geography. It takes anywhere from three days to three weeks to have medicines delivered. The firm is courteous enough to offer partial refund to clients if products are not delivered. The refund is not complete, because the website still withholds a $25 fee for cancellation.
There is a convenient live chat service on the website. However, the speed of the customer representatives’ reaction is very slow. Clients can also call the company on the phone or email them at the address provided on the website.

ClearSkyPharmacy Feedback

I set out to find some client reviews of this company on alternative websites. I have encountered some positive feedback about this firm. Some reviews were available on the client forum, where consumers shared their opinions about the services and prices of the pharmacy.
One lady provided feedback in 2014. She stated that she had used this company to buy various goods, and she never knew that it was a drugstore. The products she had ordered always arrived on time and were of satisfactory quality.
I also found the opinion of another client. He wondered whether that the company was legitimate. He also said that the cost of products was good, and they had the products he ordered on a regular basis. So, he was willing to try their services.
These reviews gave me the idea that this website might have been in operation years before. It is not clear, whether it used to be a pharmacy or another kind of company.

Up-to-date Reviews of ClearSkyPharmacy

I continued searching for current feedback about the firm to evaluate its reputation. However, I did not find any reviews for 2016. Alternatively, I did find some information Scam Advisor provided. This data varied from what I had learned from online reviews. The report showed that this pharmacy’s website was fairly new and did not have any feedback. This differs from the data the firm gives about itself. They state that they have been working in the pharmaceutical sector since 2010. However, Scam Advisor suggests otherwise.

Scam Advisor also states that this pharmacy’s faith grade is low. It shows that the level of trust, which can be given to this firm, is only 47%. This means that it is dangerous to conduct business with this website.
The resource suggests abstaining from buying from this online pharmacy. It warns the clients that their personal data can be stolen, and it is possible that the activity of the website is illegal and malignant. So, if clients value their safety, they should avoid using this site.
For these reasons, I would not advise on using the services of this online pharmacy. Apparently, this company is not trustworthy.


Discount Coupon Codes

ClearSkyPharmacy does not currently provide any cost reductions or coupons for its clients. Upon checking their website, I have not been able to find particular discounts or special offers for buying medicines.
This website does not prove to be the place where you can save money. So, if you are looking for beneficial deals, this resource is not for you.


Summing up my review, I can say that it is risky to deal with this online pharmacy at the moment. I suggest not using it now. There are no current reviews of this drugstore available on the Internet. However, the feedback dating back to 2014 shows that this site was fairly prominent back then.
I would give this online drugstore the grade of three out of five. I rate it medium, because it does not look like this website currently meets the consumers’ needs. I am personally not going to purchase medications from them at present. Perhaps, I will do that in the future, if I see that their reputation has improved. Introducing some discounts and getting new feedback is what this online dealer might want to do now.

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  1. OLIVER says:

    I ordered the products for the first time on a day off in the evening. Immediately called back. Operatively delivered for the agreed time. Documents for the goods are properly decorated. Thank you for your work. I will order more.

  2. JACK says:

    Thank you! Not the first time I make an order through the Internet. For the first time there was a slight nuance, but it quickly resolved. The conclusion was made – it is better to call once more, to remind myself. And in general I am satisfied with the prices for drugs, and the staff of the pharmacy. I will contact you as needed. Have more grateful customers. Thanks again!!

  3. AMELIA says:

    Very pleasantly surprised by free delivery straight to the clinic (directly into the doctor’s office) in the refrigerator at the appointed time. Higher level, keep it up! 🙂

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