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When I was looking to buy Cialis at an affordable price, I came across It is an Internet store selling medications.

Acquiring cures over the Internet is popular nowadays, and it is best to be careful when you do it. Usually drugstores provide labeled and general remedies. The latter are equivalent to brand ones, but they are considerably cheaper. The pricing policy of Internet dealers varies from the one of usual medical traders.

I examined the website of the pharmacy in focus and learnt that the activity of this dealer was approved by the International Pharmacy Association of Canada and the one of Manitoba. There was no data about the location of this drugstore, but its being authorized by these associations told me that the dealer was located in Canada. I assume it delivers medicines within Canada and to other countries.

The assortment of medicines turned out to be wide. I could see herbal remedies and trial packs of medicines treating erectile dysfunction. The list of cures was long, and it contained the ones treating restlessness, breathing and joint problems, hypertension, heart ache, high level of sugar in blood, etc. The patients who order from this site can also choose the remedies against viruses and anti-mycotic ones, the ones relaxing muscles, soothing pain and helping to lose weight. There are female and male health medicines, particularly the ones curing erectile dysfunction. As for prices, the cost of ten tablets of general Viagra is approximately thirty-six dollars. The price of general variant of Cialis is thirty-five dollars for the blister of ten tablets. Labeled cures of these brands are more expensive, but there are discounts available. Consumers will pay around thirty-six dollars for four tables of labeled Viagra, while the same amount of labeled Cialis is offered for forty dollars. The drugstore assures buyers that all the remedies are authorized by Food and Drug Administration.

The payment methods are convenient, because clients can transfer money from credit cards. Delivery is conducted through air mail, and there are other options. It takes from two to three weeks for the remedies to arrive, and the price of transportation is almost ten dollars. A more expensive way of getting remedies is using express mail service – it will cost almost twenty dollars. The advantage of this way of transportation is speed – clients get their cures only in three days to a week. However, if someone orders from abroad, it is possible that shipment will take more time.

The company provides telephone numbers for the buyers from the US and Great Britain. The calls are not free of charge, and it might be a better idea to contact the company via email.

I was not able to find any comments about the possibility of reimbursement in case of the client’s dissatisfaction. Thus, I do not know whether I will get my money back or will have the medicine shipped to me again if it is broken or missing.

Customer’s Feedback on the Drugstore

Reading through the official site of this company, I ran into feedback from several purchasers who were extremely satisfied with the work of the merchant. They praised both the medications they had acquired and the work of the seller.

For example, a client from Spain gave greatly positive feedback about the delivery, helpful customer care representatives and prompt answers of the team, high quality of remedies and friendly prices. He stated that the money he had spent was worth it. Another lady from Spain was equally happy with the service she got, and emphasized the work of client care crew as outstanding one. In her opinion, no other Internet medical trader treated clients with such care. She also thought highly about the producers of healthcare goods and evaluated this drugstore as a wonderful intermediary.

There was also a comment from a person from France, who claimed to buy from this merchant continuously. He enjoyed fast delivery and the opportunity to track the packages, and liked this website very much.

As happy as I was to see that feedback, I still felt the need to find external one. I suspected that the reviews could be deceptive, because the company could have written them itself. In search of unbiased reviews on unrelated web-pages, I came across another pharmaceutical website and was surprised to find the same users’ comments there. I believe that the feedback on is copied from an alternative site, which looks a lot like this same drugstore. I came to the conclusion that this medical dealer was not worth my trust, because it resembled a scam a lot.

Feedback Given in 2018

I did not encounter any feedback on this merchant written in 2018. Using the help of Scam Advisor, I determined that the drugstore could be from a European country, such as Germany or the Netherlands. Apparently, it was not related to Canada, like I used to think. Research showed that few people opened this website, and this means that the merchant is hardly credible. I would not buy from it to avoid running risks.

Coupon Codes and Discounts of the Merchant

Saving opportunities I saw on the dealer’s site were as follows. The first one was adding 4 tablets of general Viagra free of charge to each purchase. Another one was free delivery for the purchases costing more than two hundred dollars. I was glad to find a small consolation after learning negative information.


This research has confirmed my persuasion that one needs to be vigilant when ordering from online sellers. Many Internet drugstores turn out to be fraudulent, and the one we are discussing is no exception.

The medical dealer we are examining looks credible because the authorization of Canadian pharmaceutical associations is presented on the webpage. However, deep analysis shows that the drugstore has nothing to do with Canada, and is located in Europe instead.

The other negative factor is that the feedback written on the merchant’s official website has been copied from other drugstores, and, of course, cannot be trusted. Thus, I do consider this website original. I did not find any external feedback on it on other sites, and I confidently give this dealer a grade of one out of five, which is the lowest one. I do not suggest purchasing from this merchant, even though discount offers look attractive and prices are affordable. Avoid ordering from it if you value your money and safety.

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  1. orla Quirk says:

    Liars! April 27, 2018

    I just spoke to pharmstore and their site is operational.

    These people are trying to steal business from a trusted vendor, pharm store!

    • Andrew Grayfox says:

      Hi Orla,
      did you mean Please, visit this site to make sure.
      This website was closed few months ago, we provided a new domain name from same business owners with exactly same prices like at

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