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I have been looking for an online drugstore which would be the most suitable for me. Upon reviewing several online pharmacies, I came across website. I decided to analyze this site in order to see, if I could trust it and whether I could find what I needed there. When I was checking out the homepage, a message from customer support popped up on the screen. I could easily live chat with the client support representative, in case I had inquiries about medications. So, prompt customer service is the advantage of this website.

AllDayChemist Review

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Browsing through the medicines, I discovered that I could buy Super Kamagra for $56. It was produced by Ajanta Pharma. The package included twelve pills, and I could get the other twelve ones free of charge.

I was happy to see that the drugstore provided certain medications, approved by US Food and Drug Administration. Unfortunately, Cialis and Viagra were not among them.

Speaking of payment methods, customers can pay with Visa, Echeck and Check/Money on this website. I did not find any data on the cost of delivery. The company states that it has service centers around the world. They are located in the United States, Great Britain, India, New Zealand, and Mauritius. Consumers can have their packages delivered from those places. It takes about thirty days for the order to be delivered. The drugstore persuades you that there is an option to receive complete refund. It is possible if the order does not arrive within a month. I consider the opportunity of getting refund to be another benefit of this pharmacy.

The company informs that it came into existence in 2002. It assures the visitors that the website is absolutely safe to use, and that no data will be disclosed to third parties. Besides, the drugstore’s website tells users that the quality of medications is guaranteed by multiple pharmacists. They are willing to provide the best service possible.

AllDayChemist Reviews

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Let us see what the opinion of other consumer’s about this pharmacy is. I aimed to find original client feedback when preparing my report. I believe that the reasons to choose an online pharmacy are the possibilities to save money and get a high-quality medication without leaving home. Thus, I wanted to see if other people got those benefits.

I found the feedback of the customer from the USA, stating that he had been using this pharmacy for a long time. He assured that their service was accurate and delivery was quite affordable. The customer seemed to be satisfied with his drugstore choice.

A couple of other US citizens gave top rating to this pharmacy. One of them stated that he had been their client for five years, and had never had any misunderstandings with them. The opinion of his physician about this resource was also positive.

As for another customer, he wrote that it was his first time on this website. The attitude of the sales assistant was very nice, according to him, and he was looking forward to getting his medications before long.

So, the feedback of these clients assured me that I could trust this online pharmacy, and I should not doubt the quality of their medicines. Most of the clients seemed to be happy with the work of sales representatives and client support.

Feedback on in 2016

I am happy to share with you the latest reviews I have been able to find. One of the reviewers says that the decision to use this website changed his life. He shared that he saved much money on the inhaler, because he paid only $14 for it, instead of $300. The delivery time to this consumer was short, it was only a week. This client from the United States would like to constantly use this pharmacy’s website. He emphasizes that one will pay thousands of times less if he chooses to buy medications here.

The other person shares the information that he placed an order on this website in 2016, and the package turned out to be broken. The pharmacy was nice enough to fully replace his order, and they did not take money for it. They even got the special batch numbers he was asking for without any mistakes. The time of delivery was satisfying to this client, taking into account that medications had to be delivered to another country. This person states that he has ordered medicines from other online vendors, and the outcome was different. He claims that AllDayChemist is the drugstore which has always met his expectations. He received medications from reputable Indian firms through them.

As we can see from the previous review, this online pharmacy takes complete responsibility in case the products are damaged. They return money to clients or replace medications. This information made my decision about using their service stronger.

The lady from the United States gave another positive feedback about the company. She wrote that she had received her order, and the service was excellent. She mentioned getting an additional item as a bonus, for free. So, she strongly recommended using this pharmacy’s service.

I found that the feedback given by clients was mostly positive, and I decided to try using this website. My decision was based on their outstanding client support and appealing prices.

Coupon Codes on

I have heard that it was possible to get large discounts when shopping online. That is why I turned to the online pharmacy, instead of buying medications at a regular drugstore.

AllDayChemist provides considerable discounts for its medications. On some of them one can save up to 60 percent. The biggest discounts are available for the medicines treating alcohol and drug abuse. You can buy certain medications for as little as thirteen cents.

In case you use a coupon, you can buy twice as many pills. It is a great way to save money! The coupon can be used for the pills containing 100 mg of medication. One needs to buy at least ten pills. If the customer does so, he will get twenty pills for the cost of ten.

If you are interested in Ceebis pills, you can purchase one of them, and you will receive another pill containing 20 mg for free.


My analysis has shown that AllDayChemist is a reputable online pharmacy many clients appreciate. The prices for its products are affordable. Most medications are delivered from India, and they can be delivered worldwide. The medicines of this company are made by authoritative Indian pharmaceutical producers. These medications are recognized by US Food and Drug Administration. I believe that this online drugstore is trustworthy, because it has many happy clients. Their feedback proves the high quality of this company’s service.

For now I can give this website a rate of 4, with 5 being the highest. I will not give it an excellent rating until I have received the medication I ordered. It is highly possible that this resource deserves the best grade though. You can evaluate their service by yourself, in case you choose to order medications from them.

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  1. OLIVIA says:

    All very quickly, accurately and qualitatively, I received answers to all questions and was satisfied with the service. The next day I received my order. Thank you very much for your promptness!

  2. JACOB says:

    We constantly order medicines from you. Very convenient site: everything is clear and clear, even a child will understand. Good luck!

  3. THOMAS says:

    I made an order on your website. Medicines arrived at the exact address on time. Thank you very much for your clear work!

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